12 Plant Assortment

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5-10 gallon aquarium

Note: The 12 plant assortment contains all different plants.The plants in all assortments contain a beautiful variety of bunch plants, swords, crypts, etc. As always, the selection is great, the quality is impeccable, the value in unbeatable (anywhere!), and satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Note: We have NEVER sold an assortment to a customer that claimed they didn't receive a GREAT deal.

Note: The value for these assortments (a buck or so per plant) is so good that even if you don't use them all, or give some to friends, it's just a great deal!

Note: Sorry, no substitutions, no inclusions, no exclusions...these assortments are put together with different plants from day to day, based on daily plant availability.

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Great plant assortment

    Posted by Michael Clark on Dec 25th 2019

    My first aquarium plants by mail, the entire experience was excellent and the plants arrived quickly, well packaged and very healthy. Some were even big enough to divide before planting. Thanks, will definitely order again.

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    12 healthy, assorted plants

    Posted by Mike on Apr 29th 2017

    I got a wide variety of plants which is what I was looking for. Everything arrived very healthy, and they even included what I think is a pond lily bulb, that was unexpected! Overall, I think it's a great deal and would buy from this company again.

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    Good Assortment

    Posted by MichaelᅠWelter on Jul 16th 2016

    Good assorment of plants, mostly tall background plants. I was disappointed that no ground covers were included but overall very satisfied.

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    Great Assortment of Healthy Plants

    Posted by BML on Jul 16th 2016

    The only thing that could have made this order better was a listing of the plants included in the assortment. The plants arrived looking wonderful after two day shipping. I hope they all take off in my tank.

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    12 Assorted plants

    Posted by Rebecca Lindberg on Jul 16th 2016

    I ordered this recently and received a nice variety of plants. They were all healthy and good-sized, which is probably the best benefit of having the seller pick the plants for you. I think the only dupicate I received was a rosette sword. Some of the plants sell individually for around 1/12 of the price of the assortment, but some are worth more. I only got two stem plants, but several swords and cryptocorynes, and even a small anubias. YMMV. There is a nice variety of colors, sizes, and shapes in the group, and I was surprised with a gorgeous almost-black crypt that will be a focal point in my tank.

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    Very satisfied

    Posted by Amandine on Jul 16th 2016

    I ordered Assortments twice and I am very satisfied. When I received my first package, I was baffled! There were so many, healthy plants! I didn't know much about bulbs so I erroneously threw it away, thinking that it was dead :-( My mistake. However, the plants did very well. I ordered another assortment a month later and was just as satisfied! My tank looks beautiful. I am only putting 4 stars because despite the great plants and great shipping turn-around, I wish that a list of the plants was provided in the package. Not knowing what plants have come in prevents one to know how to treat the plant properly. I once received a bulb with a couple of stems. A week later, there were 5-7 leaves, reaching the top of the tank and one in particular grew all the way across the tank and sprouted a purple flower! I emailed customer services, but never heard back. I had to google it to find out what it was. So a list of plants in the package would be very useful.

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    Not as great a varity as stated.

    Posted by Curt Shirling on Mar 22nd 2013

    This is the second time I have ordered from this Co. My first order from them was above expectation. After getting rid of a plecostomus and upgrading my equipment I was ready to receive my second order from them and it was a sore disappointment. I received 13 bunches of plants. no '...swords, crypts, etc' as the ad stated. When I called the number on the web page I got a sympathetic employee that told me because I did not order the 'low light' I did not receive any single root plants. False advertisement! The first time I ordered and as stated in their other reviews they normally send way more plants than expected. I only received one extra and when speaking with the employee he stated that he no longer sends extra plants in the orders. They fulfilled the order and the plants I did receive look very healthy and after planting them I have a 6" tall lawn in my tank. After this last experience I think I will Google live plants again to see who else is available.

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    Nice Healthy Plants

    Posted by BrianᅠTreadaway on Aug 17th 2008

    I am new to the planted aquarium world and found this website through google (along with a bunch of other sites for plants). The prices were the most reasonable and the customer testimonials were all positive, so I decided to take the plunge and buy a variety pack. WOW! I ordered on a Saturday and my plants arrived on the following Friday (with 2 Day Shipping). Plus I added another plant to my order on Monday morning. The plants arrived in fantastic condition. Nice variety too. And after a week they have all shown signs of growth. With the exception of Ludwigia Peruensis. That one lost most of its leaves (due to my tank conditions probably). Thank you for the great plants and I will order again from you soon.

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    great plants

    Posted by Dianna on Feb 8th 2007

    First order, didn't know what to expect. Got wonderful plants that after one week already started growing, and putting out more roots and leaves. I am new to aquariums so this success surprised me. Where I live it was minus 20 (-20) degrees the day the box arrived, but all were in good shape. Thank you. I will order here again, for sure.

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    Variety Plant Assortment

    Posted by AmyᅠBurke on Sep 21st 2006

    As a beginner, I figured I'd take the plunge and do a "grab bag" choice for plantings. The plants arrived quicker than I expected, and look great. Very healthy so far... A nice variety in greens, reds, and a feathery plant too. Would have liked a few more short ones for the front, but overall a good array of mid to tall plants that make my new tank look great.