36 Plant Assortment Hardy-Low Light

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About This Product

30-40 gallon aquarium

Note: The 36 plant assortment contains different plants, with some grouped for best effect. (EXAMPLE: two bunch plants of same variety)The plants in all assortments contain a beautiful variety of bunch plants, swords, crypts, etc. As always, the selection is great, the quality is impeccable, the value in unbeatable (anywhere!), and satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Note: We have NEVER sold an assortment to a customer that claimed they didn't receive a GREAT deal.

Note: The value for these assortments ($6-$12 per plant) is so good that even if you don't use them all, or give some to friends, it's just a great deal!

Note: Sorry, no substitutions, no inclusions, no exclusions...these assortments are put together with different plants from day to day, based on daily plant availability.

Customer Reviews

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    A Lot of Plants

    Posted by David on Nov 1st 2012

    I was surprised at how many plants I got. I don't know how to get that 36 number but I got WAY more than 36 bunches of plants. Maybe its 36 different varieties but that seems too many. I don't think they will all fit in my 30 gal. tank. I was also surprised my plants arrived today because of all the damage hurricane sandy caused. My delivery was 6 hours late but it couldn't be helped. Even though my plants were late they arrived in great condition and my fiddler crab is still very lively. You have earned yourself a new customer for life. You guys should sell fish too, I want to get some neon tetras.Excellent job aquariumplants.com