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55-75 gallon tank

Note: The 60 plant assortment contains different plants, with some grouped for best effect. (EXAMPLE: two bunch plants of same variety)The plants in all assortments contain a beautiful variety of bunch plants, various swords, crypts, Java fern, Java fern lace, Bolbitis, etc. As always, the selection is great, the quality is impeccable, the value in unbeatable (anywhere!), and satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Note: We have NEVER sold an assortment to a customer that claimed they didn't receive a GREAT deal.

Note: The value for these assortments (a buck or so per plant) is so good that even if you don't use them all, or give some to friends, it's just a great deal!

Note: Sorry, no substitutions, no inclusions, no exclusions...these assortments are put together with different plants from day to day, based on daily plant availability.

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    Way too many sword plants.

    Posted by Bryan Butac on Mar 8th 2018

    Was expecting more of a variety than duplicates (as shown in stock photo, which are mainly stem plants). There are way too many swords - about 1/4 of the plants were swords. I didn't utilize all of them because these guys get way too big and use up too much nutrients in my substrate once they're large. Also, I placed my order two weeks ago and emailed to confirm my shipping date. I was told that it would ship the same week but it shipped the following week. Overall, I probably should've bought separate plants instead of opting for a bundle.

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    This is the package you want

    Posted by WilliamᅠMitchell on Sep 21st 2006

    I chose this package for a new 55g. I have ordered assortments from other places, but this one beat them all by leaps and bounds. I was very skeptical about an unseen selection but the assortment packaged for me would top my highest expectations. A dash of everyday common plants packaged in other assortments were there but I had to dig for them. All plants were appropriate in size and many with welcome variations. There were enough plants to fill my 55g and I had to store extras in 3 other tanks. Packaging was exceptional. Not a single unhealthy leaf or slightest indication of algae. I literally only had to remove two floating leaves and a 1 inch section from a stem plant instead of the usual mess of loose plant mater after arranging new plants. There is only one thing I would have liked to see added. As a novice to planted tanks an included list of species in my assortment would have been helpful as there were a couple plants I am unfamiliar with.

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    Whoa! So many plants!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 31st 1969

    If you are looking for many plants