Ammannia Senegalensis Red ( sold as emersed growth)
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Ammannia senegalensis has a leaf that is curved in a downward fashion in an arch. In order to achieve strong shoots the substrate should be nutrient rich, like Grow-Pro for plants, and it needs very strong lighting. Five to eight strong specimens, 1 bunch from us, can be used for the mid-ground area to help accent the shades of green aquarium plants. Ammania Senegalensis does much better in soft water. Can withstand temps from 53.6 to 86 degrees. Optimum growth temperature is 71.6 to 82.4 degrees.
Sent out right now with emersed growth. Plant will be green with large leaves. Once you plant it submersed in your tank, it will not take long to turn a nice red under high light. The leaves will also become narrow. This growth will only take around a week or two.
Do not let this plant break the waters surface. When it does it will put all of it's energy into submersed growth and shed it's immersed growth.
  • Common Name: Red Ammannia
  • Family: Lythraceae
  • Native To: East Africa
  • Lighting: Medium-High
  • pH: 6.5-7.5
  • Growth Demands: Moderate-High
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Background
  • Available As: Bunch
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  • 5
    I'm not sure what I have, but it looks nothing like this

    Posted by Steven Tomkins on Jan 29th 2022

    this is not what I received. but what you sent me is glorious!

  • 4
    Beautiful transition

    Posted by Naveen Kateekkal on Dec 11th 2021

    The plant stem was fresh and came healthy with a pale green leaf as it was grown emersed. It's been a week since I have planted in my aquarium and it's showing it's tint of bronze red color already.

  • 4
    plant quality

    Posted by Jerry on Nov 5th 2021

    nice plant

  • 5
    Ammannia Senegalensis Red

    Posted by Retired Navy on Oct 2nd 2021

    As a result of being more than pleased with all my previous orders. I elected to try something new. I am still learning about aquarium plants as I transition from artificial aquariums to planted. These plants did not come with roots, but they were long enough plants to reach the bottom of my 20 gal. to about midway of the aquarium! They did not have snails or snail eggs. They were very healthy and strong. They are thriving in my aquarium and growing already! I am confident they will do just as well as my other orders. The package arrived on time, and (friendly customer service) professionally packaged. I love it! I would recommend you try some for yourself.

  • 5
    in good condition.

    Posted by rose on Nov 13th 2020

    i recommend this item.

  • 5
    Healthy, beautiful, and lush!

    Posted by Aileen Antoinette on Jul 15th 2020

    I was skeptical to order and attempt to grow this plant in a low-tech (non-CO2) tank. However, after loosing only a handful of leaves, these stems took off like crazy! They're growing so tall vertically and the new growth at the tops of the stems are so colorful! I'd highly recommend trying this plant for people running low-tech-- but definitely have high lighting. It can be done! These are beautiful!

  • 4
    Good plant

    Posted by Bradley Collette on Jul 11th 2020

    They came to me entirely green and fairly beat up. I'm new to this so maybe that's just how stem plants are when shipped. After a week in my tank the top leaves have turned a beautiful red and only had one stem completely die. It's a very beautiful plant.

  • 5
    Plant Qualty

    Posted by CARL HAMILTON on Jun 26th 2020

    It's looking like this will be a cool looking plant, I have had it about a week now. There were 7 or 8 stems of this very green plant, it's changing into this red/peach color and the leaves are starting to look more like the picture here. I have been very pleased with every plant they have sent me.

  • 5
    Ammannia Senegalensis

    Posted by Lori on Jun 6th 2020

    Very nice healthy plants, well packaged!