AquaScapes: Custom Design & Consultation Service

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About This Product

PLEASE: Do yourself a favor, don't buy anything for your aquarium before our initial phone consultation... we'll save you $

Our "Custom Aqua-Scaping" service is available to all our customers. Our Aqua-Scaping staff will Custom Design a beautiful Aqua-Scape, and also provide a sketched blueprint/layout for planting. you will receive the drawing along with the plant shipment. (this entire service is now only $20 with the purchase of plants) To begin the process, please have available ALL of the specifics of your aquarium: If you have an actual photo of an aquarium that you would like to duplicate, email it to us with all of your specifics including your contact info. If you place an order from us for equipment, such as CO2, lighting, substrate, etc. we usually ship these items via "ground". By the time you receive the equipment, our staff will have your Aqua-Scape design complete and the plants ready to ship.

A 15-30 minute phone consultation is required.
NOTE: As stated, our "Custom AquaScaping" service is only $20 to OUR customers. (the design drawing is shipped with the plant order: not before) Unfortunately, we have experienced some instances where an individual orders an aqua-scape, and later, when the work is all done and the plants are ready to ship, they cancel. This $20 is not refundable...after the work is performed (please understand that some of these aquascapes take several hours to layout).
This policy is in place simply to protect us from individuals abusing this offer.

"CLICK HERE" to complete form.
Below are the questions that are the field:
  • Gallons:                                                                                                ­                                    
  • Dimensions: Length/Width/Height:                                                        ­                         
  • Lighting specs:                                                                                             ­                                   
  • Water Hardness:                                                                                   ­                              
  • CO2 system: (complete details)                                                                              ­           
  • Do you have a working knowledge of how hardness & CO2 work together?                                                                           
  • Substrate:  Gro-Pro                                                                                                                ­           
  • Fertilizers: AquaFertz (the best)                                                                            ­           
  • Water temp: (usually dictated by your choice of fish)                                                    ­           
  • UV Sterilizer: (Emperor: the best)                                                                                       ­          
  • Heating (brand/size):                                                                                                 ­         
  • Filtration (canister/sump/hang-on filter):                                                                ­        
  • Driftwood/Rocks: how many pieces? How large?                                                                                
  • Planting preference: lightly, moderately, densely planted?                                                    
  • Photo available of a tank you would like to duplicate or follow.                                                         
  • Budget: How much do you wish to spend on the plants?                                                                   
Do you have equipment/driftwood/substrate ordered from us that must be shipped to arrive before the plants arrive?