AquaTop Clear Magic 6 Pack

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AquaTop Clear Magic

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Clear Magic - 6 Packs Per Box

Clear Magic Powder--It Really Works! AQUATOP Clear Magic Powder is not a gimmick. This product really works, just read the reviews from once skeptical shoppers who are now convinced. Clear Magic Powder will purify your aquarium water right before your eyes! The fish do not need to be removed from the aquarium when Clear Magic Powder is applied to the system. Just remove a cup full of aquarium water and add Clear Magic Powder to it. Mix/stir the powder and aquarium water until it is diluted. Then add/slowly pour the solution into the aquarium. Safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, just add Clear Magic Powder after routine cleaning and let the "magic" begin!
How Does Clear Magic Powder Work?
Once added, Clear Magic Powder forces organics in the aquarium to clump into larger molecules, allowing for easier pick up by your aquarium filter. Clear Magic Powder will also help keep the glass or acrylic walls of your aquarium algae free in between cleaning. With Clear Magic Powder, you'll spend less time cleaning your aquarium and more time enjoying the view!