Aquatop MR-30 Media Reactor

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Aquatop MR-30 Media Reactor
Aquatop MR-30 Media Reactor w/Pump

Thank you for choosing AQUATOPs MR-30 Multimedia Reactor. This powerful reactor uses a reverse water flow design that prevents water from channeling through the filter media, thus maximizing the efficiency of filter media. Constructed of high quality acrylic with an easy to remove lid, the MR Series can be installed either in-sump or hang on the tank and comes complete with all plumbing parts.
* Filtration Capacity: 50-200 Gallons
* Dimensions: 5.5" diameter / 23.5" height
Up-flow filtration maximizes filter media efficiency
Includes Aquatop's SWP-360 adjustable flow water pump and sediment discharge filter
* Intake and output tubing included
Easy to remove lid with recessed o-ring
Ready to use with a pump and all the necessary plumbing