AquaUFO Plant LED Aquarium Light

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About This Product

Using the same proven technology as our original AquaUFO LED aquarium light the AquaUFO Plant features our proprietary blend of 6500K, 660nm red and 460-470nm lunar blue LEDs for unparalleled growth and brilliance in planted and marine tanks. The AquaUFO Plant LED aquarium light exceeds the performance of a 500 watt Metal Halide and outperforms other LED aquarium lights costing twice as much. It is the answer to the marine community's need for high quality LED aquarium lighting at an affordable price.
Featuring the same massive 2 watt LEDs that all our AquaUFO models are known for, the AquaUFO Plant penetrates deep into the tank, producing eye popping colors and fantastic shimmer effects. Your fish, plants and corals will never look better and the growth rates will astound you.
Say goodbye to energy hogging MH bulbs and eco damaging & ineffective fluorescent lamps.The AquaUFO Plant emits virtually no heat so there's no need for chilling equipment . This results in up to 80% energy savings over traditional aquarium lighting. The AquaUFO will pay for itself in a little over a year and with a 7 year lifespan, you're sure to enjoy your AquaUFO for years to come.
  • Up to 80% energy savings vs. Metal Halide & fluorescent lights
  • Great for planted tanks and corals
  • Delivers fantastic shimmer effects & eye popping colors
  • Massive 2w LEDs penetrate deep into the tank
  • Promotes vigorous plant and coral growth (LPS & SPS)
  • Dual power switches & dual power cords
  • Can be used with freshwater or saltwater tanks
  • Multiple AquaUFOs can be linked together
  • 50,000+ hour lifecycle
  • Zero maintenance costs - No bulbs to replace