Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana)

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About This Product

Bacopa caroliniana has been used as an aquarium plant for many years. Apart from relatively good light it makes few demands. Its slow growth rate makes it one of the few stem plants that do not need much attention. Like most stem plants, it is most decorative when planted in small groups. Easy to propagate by cuttings; take a side shoot and plant it in the bottom.
  • Common Name: Bacopa
  • Family: Scrophulariacea
  • Native To: North America
  • Lighting: Low-High
  • pH: 6-8
  • Growth Demands: Easy
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Background
  • Available As: Bunch

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Exactly as advertised.

    Posted by Suyash T on Mar 2nd 2020

    I ordered a 6 stem bunch. Got one extra. Yey!! Very healthy plant and growing well. Packed neatly with ample hydration. Love it.

  • 4
    Fast growing with co2

    Posted by Michelle on Apr 17th 2018

    Fast growing plant that pearls easily with co2, downside it sometimes floats out of my substrate from the pearling. Nothing wrong with the plant, just needs something to weigh it down.

  • 5
    I never know what will grow well. This one did.

    Posted by Amy on Jan 17th 2018

    I?m 2 year newbie to planted tanks. I have decent lighting t5 and a DIY C02 system. I dose seachem flourish and potassium. I have been through many many plants in my 2 years and lost many due to lack of experience this plant is strong and grows well. At the same time I have killed so called easy plants like java moss. You never know what will like your tank it seems. This company gives a healthy big portion to start you off with. The rest is up to you.

  • 2
    slow growing

    Posted by Brian on Dec 11th 2009

    This plant seems to need something I'm not giving it. All other plants are doing great, the leaves are becoming transparent, it is a slow grower, not rooting well, all other twenty plants I ordered are doing great!!!!

  • 1

    Posted by Tiffany Martin on Nov 14th 2009

    Yet another failure in my brackish tank. It went transparent and limp within 48 hours. Are there any plants listed in the brackish section of this site that WILL survive?