Banana Plant (Nymphoides aquatica) small

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About This Product

Circular leaves attached to swollen tubes that resemble a bunch of bananas. They can also go by the name Banana Lily or Big Floating Heart. The perfect plant for aquarists of any level as it is an easy plant to grow and maintain. They do well in various water conditions and the leaves can get very large and colorful over time.
  • Common Name: Banana Plant
  • Family Name: Menyanthaceae
  • Native To: Southeast US
  • Lighting: Low Light to High light
  • pH: 7
  • Growth Demands: Easy
  • Growth Form: Rosette
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Front to middle

Customer Reviews

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    Banana...more like Lily Pad!

    Posted by Dawn on Aug 15th 2009

    I received these small plants a while back, with plant dosing the leaves got massive..we're talking just as big as a lily pad. I wish I could post a photo...runners were several feet long and would always grow a lily pad like leaf (for a while I though a new plant would grow off them, but no such luck). Even though the banana's browned beneath the monsterous leaves the plant continued to ended up with leaves so big and red in color that I ended up giving it away because it was shading my other plants. I assume the amazing growth was due to dosing and moderate-high lighting?

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    Banana plant supremes!

    Posted by DavidᅠTaylor on Apr 17th 2009

    About 6 months ago I ordered some Banana plants, I recieved 2 big ones and to my surprise 1 small one. They have done great!! The biggest one shot out some runners that went to the top of the tank and I now have 4 great looking lilly type pads floating around. It really make the tank look cool and the fish love to suspend underneath them. All of them have big green leaves and do a great job filling out the bare spots in the tank.

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    Bananna Plant

    Posted by MorganᅠWillis on Nov 16th 2008

    i received one big and one small excellent shipping pricing, im very satisfied will look foward to more business with you guys

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    Not Quite As Picture

    Posted by EricᅠMaxwell on Jun 6th 2008

    I received two plants in my order. While I'm sure they will be attractive once they grow, the plants are tiny. I ordered one thinking it'd be a nice show piece of a decent size, but received two tiny ones with only two leaves apiece. Probably better to spring for the Jumbo Banana Plant.

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    Posted by RosemaryᅠReynolds on Jan 31st 2007

    They arrived in fair shape, bright and green with no damaged tubers. They fill in the few bare spots quite nicely. ^^ Just remember not to bury them in the substrate.

  • 5

    Posted by Linz on Dec 27th 2006

    I recieved two banana plant's in my last order. These are great plants and arrived in very good shape.