Brightwell PhosphatR Regenerable Phosphate Adsorption Resin 500 ML

Brightwell Aquatics
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  • Next-generation regenerable phosphate adsorption resin
    effective in marine aquaria; will also remove silicates
  • Far more effective than activated alumina and granular ferric
  • Will not negatively impact water quality nor release phosphate
    or silicate once exhausted; will not break up or disintegrate like ferric medias, and contains no aluminum to dissolve in aquaria and harm inhabitants
  • Synthetic polymer resin beads provide for durability and excellent flow characteristics; may be employed in fluidized-bed, canister, or passive filtration
  • Regenerable up to five times, dramatically increasing cost
  • Basic Instructions: Prior to first use, rinse resin under a stream of purified water. For initial application on aquarium, use 1 ml of PhosphatR per 1 US-gallon of water in system and monitor phosphate concentration during usage. Subsequent application of resin may be at the rate of 2 ml per 1 US-gallon.