Bucephalandra Kedagang Green Long

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About This Product

Bucephalandra Kedagang Green is a beautiful variant in the Bucephalandra aquatic plant family. The term Kedagang describes Bucephalandra variants that are quite rare and small in size. Bucephalandra Kedagang Green displays ruffled leaves that display an array of green hues with a slight speckly and iridescent sheen when placed under quality aquarium LED lighting. Like most Bucephalandra species, Bucephalandra Kedagang Green is a great aquatic plant for beginners due to its easy care, undemanding nature and ability to adapt to a wide range of aquarium tank parameters. Bucephalandra comes in many varieties, shapes, colors and looks best when kept in clumps in a planted aquarium tank.

This aquatic plant prefers lower lighting and will grow nice and dense if favorable conditions are provided. The stem and rhizome should not be covered when planting as this will cause the plant to rot and wither. It is best to attach or wedge Bucephalandra on or between aquarium hardscapes such as aquarium driftwood and aquascaping rocks.