Bucephalandra Un-Named pack of 3

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You will receive a 3 pack of bucephalandra un-named similar to ones in photos shown. A great way to get some Buce in your tank at a discounted price if you are not worried about their names.

Bucephalandra are an easy to grow, low light requirement plant that can adapt to a wide range of aquarium tank conditions. Bucephalandra can be grown submerged in an aquarium or emersed in terrarium, paludarium, and vivarium like setups. Bucephalandra are slow growers, so under high light, algae can be an issue. If you have a high light tank, find shaded areas to plant.

Drastic changes to water parameters can cause buce to melt. If this happens, do not throw away. Clean the plant off, trim bad leaves and it should sprout new leaves from the rhizome. When planting in substrate, do not cover or bury the rhizome. Doing so may also cause the plant to melt and rot. Buce do good attached to driftwood and hardscaping in the aquarium. Buchephalandra are native to streams in Borneo, so good water movement is nice to have. 

 We think most bucephalndra pairs best with mosses, ferns, anubias and crypts.

  • Family Name: Araceae
  • Native to: Borneo
  • PH : 6 - 7.5
  • Care : Easy
  • Lighting : Low to medium
  • Co2 : Not necessary but always helps
  • Propagation : Cut rhizome
  • Growth rate : slow
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