Cabomba Green (Cabomba carolina)

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About This Product

A very popular aquarium plant owing to its beautiful foliage. The least demanding of the Cabomba species, but still causes problems in poorly lit aquariums. Most decorative when planted in groups.

Not for sale in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, & Washington
  • Common Name: Green Cabomba
  • Family: Cabombaceae
  • Native To: North America
  • Lighting: Medium
  • pH: 5-7
  • Growth Demands: Easy
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Background
  • Available As: Bunch

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    ill definitely buy again

    Posted by che salvador on Jul 27th 2016

    some parts of the product was a bit mashed since i got a 2 day shipping, however, the remaining healthy parts was still a lot more than what i paid for. they were really healthy, and some of the nodes already has roots.. i just washed it a little and planted it directly on my tank.. the company was very supportive and approachable. i got two types of this plant, the violet cabomba and this green one. everything was lovely..

  • 5
    Very Pleased

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2014

    This plant is beautiful and looks so nice in the aquarium. It grows at a decent rate, I got two day shipping and it came in perfect condition.

  • 5
    Fast Growing Plant

    Posted by Alex Anderson on May 30th 2014

    This plant is very lovely under full light and bunched up in groups. I have a high tech planted tank with fully automated Co2 injection and high light that encourages tremendous growth. I do believe mine grow at least an inch a day if not more. If you have low lighting system this plant will not do well so keep that in mind but beautiful under the right lightning conditions and Co2.

  • 5
    Great Plant! A must have!

    Posted by Danny Martinez on May 7th 2013

    Started growing the NEXT day after it was planted, racing towards the light! Looks great in the tank and is a good variation from more "leafy" plants! Came well packaged and in great condition via next day!

  • 3
    great for 1.5 months, now dying

    Posted by Richard Barrett on Feb 1st 2013

    I have some that I put in my 10-gal Hagan aquarium 1.5 months ago. Until 4 days ago, they were doing GREAT. They grew so quickly, I had to cut them and replant the cuttings. Now, they all appear to be dying. The only thing that happened is (1) I did a 50% water change (but used filtered water AND added water conditioner) and (2) I killed a bunch of snails that had come with the plants (these or others I got on the same shipment). When I killed the snails, I smashed them and then pulled out the bodies with a paper towel. However, 4-5 days later, I noticed 6-8 very small (.5mm thick, 5-8mm long) white worms on the back glass. It was 2 days after I noticed the worms that my Babomba Green started dying. Any ideas?

  • 5
    very lush looking plant

    Posted by Kimberly Hill on Nov 11th 2012

    I bought one bunch of this plant which was about 8 plants. Within two weeks I was able to divide and replant many of them. The plants were about 10" tall and are a nice deep green. They had no trouble adapting, and began growing very quickly with no losses. They are very full, and look great in an avenue that extends from the middle back to the back. The tank is 75 gallons with 4 T8 bulbs that are 500K and 6500K. They are given Flourish bi weekly and Excel every other day. There is no CO2 system on this tank. I was going to order some more, but they are growing so fast, I don't really think it is necessary.

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    Well worth it!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 13th 2011

    Order these Thursday, shipped Tuesday, arrived Wensday. I got them out of the package and they looked unlike the picture. But when I placed it in the water it opened up to a beautiful green plant exactly like the picture. There was not a single brown spot I had to trim off. Seems to be flurishing in 2.0 wpg.

  • 5
    Very Nice Plants!!!

    Posted by Timothy Haut on May 3rd 2011

    I just got these in and there are 5 plants to a single order and they arrived in very good condition and about 10 inches tall with bright green healthy foliage. These will be in a high light tank w/o CO2 and I expect them to do well and I have had them before. Will these have grown nicely after only 10 days in the tank 1.73 wpg no CO2, each plant has added 4 inches and are bright green with only weekly dosing.

  • 5
    Hardy and easy to grow

    Posted by Melodie on Jan 18th 2011

    Plentiful lush-looking bunch. Beautiful, richly colored and fast growing. Thrives in moving water. Grows thicker in lower lighting.

  • 2

    Posted by Barlow Bradbury on Mar 4th 2010

    This plant does come unrooted and doesn't seem to do very well if planted right away. I've kept the pieces that floated to the top of the aquarium and left them there to root. The plant does better in a longer, shorter tank than the taller ones. Possibly, because the plant gets more nutrients in stronger lighting. The water fern or water sprite is a much better choice. Just as pretty and fast growing in the tank, but it's sturdier and does very well when planted in the gravel.

  • 5
    Great looking

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 22nd 2008

    This arrived very quickly the next morning. Put right in my tank and it looks great. I have never seen cabomba that looks as healthy as this does. I also have never seen it with roots growing. Quite a few plants in the bunch...more than I expected as I was not sure where I would put them.

  • 4
    looks good

    Posted by Bryan on Sep 25th 2008

    plants arrived healthy and nice and seem to be doing well in my tank. you get quite a few plants in a bunch. The only issue was 2 snails that came with it...