CarbonDoser® CO2 Reactor NANO

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CarbonDoser® /CO2 Reactor NANO (for NANO or small tanks) Install in the aquarium or hide in the back with the filter system in certain applications.

It's a "Reactor" (not a diffuser)

5 1\2" tall X 2 3/4" wide.

When space is limited and/or a remote filter/pump is not used. The submerged pump thoroughly mixes the CO2. As CO2 enters the chamber, the water Only sparged (completely dissolved) CO2 can exit the unit... NO CO2 is wasted.

For aquariums up to (55 +/- gallons.) Don't let the Kool-Aide drinkers convince you that a diffuser with a ceramic disc is efficient   No matter what reactor you choose, here is what you need to know: "if it ain't got it's own water pump to dissolve the CO2, it will waste tons of CO2 !


In extensive testing utilizing the super accurate CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator, here are some results (base on maintaining 25 PPM CO2 Saturation):

  • when using the CarbonDoser® EXT 5000 the average settings for a 90 gallon aquarium are:  (1+/-) seconds per bubble/portion @ 8 PSI.)
  • when using this CarbonDoser® CO2 Reactor NANO the average setting for a 40 gallon aquarium are:   (2+/-) seconds per bubble/portion @ 6 PSI.)
  • when using a ceramic "diffuser" on a 55 gallon aquarium are:  5 "bubbles per second (not seconds per bubble) @ 35+ PSI. !!!

All ceramic diffusers use (waste) a tremendous amount of CO2 compared to this Reactor.

Check out various videos on Youtube utilizing a "diffusor"... you'll see 1000's of CO2 bubbles flying around the aquarium like a blizzard... "Only sparged (completely dissolved) CO2 is usable to plants. Those CO2 bubbles rise to the surface and are a total waste.