CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator V2.0 Remote (NEW RELEASE) FREE SHIPPING-FACTORY DIRECT-SAME DAY

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 CarbonDoser v2.0 - The World's Most Precise CO2 Regulator. - YouTube

CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator V2.0 (with remote box)

The new V2.0 allows for the aquarist to position the CO2 cylinder out of the way in a remote area.  Then mounting the "box" anywhere such as up on a board with all the electronics/pH controllers/ETC

The 1/8" tubing from the Reg to the Box is very pliable and easy to use similar to a wire!

  • John Guest push-in fittins
  • CarbonDoser® exclusive checkvalve
  • Polyurathane tubing (1/8" from Regulator to CarbonDoser® V2.0 Box /  1/4" from Box-to-checkvalve-to-Reactor.
This product has forever changed the introduction of CO2 into an aquarium.Used for CO2 injection for a freshwater planted aquarium, or a Calcium reactor in a saltwater application. We guarantee that nowhere on this planet can you find a BETTER or MORE PRECISE regulator! This is OUR baby, we built it, tested it, and patent it. The problem of "dumping" is completely eliminated with this regulator. Dumping is always a problem with ALL OTHER regulators which utilize a needle valve. Simply because, a needle valve relies on the pressure on both sides of it for it's accuracy. So, even though you have it set at a certain "bubble rate", once the pressure in the cylinder (or the outside atmospheric pressure) changes, so will the amount of CO2 that passes through the needle valve. This is why it is physically impossible for any and ALL other regulators that rely on a needle valve to ever be consistent. Our regulator does not have a needle valve, but instead, it has an electronic valve that opens and closes in a fraction of a second, (each "opening and closing" equates to a bubble) and, due to the fact that it is "electronic" the "bubble rate" can NEVER change. Once it is set, it can never vary more than +/- 1/1,000=of a second. The low pressure gauge goes up to 45 lbs but it can be measured up to 60 lbs. 
  • Neptune
  • Hydros
  • GHL
  • PiniPoint
  • ''JUST THE BLACK BOX" Option:  This is for the user that has invested a ton of money in a high $ fancy shiny regulator, only to discover that they are never consistent. Rid yoursel of the problematic bubble counter, solenoid & needle valve and use this remotely.
  • "MULTIPLE "BLACK BOX" Option: This allows for multiple "BLACK BOXES" for several aquariums but only 1 CO2 cylinder and 1 Regulator.  (please contact us for specifics/options. 
Carbon Doser - v2.0

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Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent and very efficient!

    Posted by Richard Wood on Jun 1st 2017

    Bought my reactor and the set up from Aquarium Plants a few years ago but used another type of controller. My CO2 was just wasted and I could not appreciable growth in the plants. Added the Carbon Doser regulator and plants are growing. Still tweeking, beginning to see "pearling" as the day progresses. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it for the planted aquarium that needs CO2 infusion.

  • 5
    Best Reg. Period!

    Posted by Scott Bettinger on Jan 14th 2017

    I have tried several regulators. They all needed constant adjusting. Not the Carbon Doser! Set and forget it. Easiest reg. To set. Mine has been running since September. Not one problem or adjustments. It's worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and invest in one of these. You won't regret it.

  • 5
    Excellent controller

    Posted by Jason Kuehn on Jul 16th 2016

    The original version of this was garbage. The first regulator (the T handle one) they used was horribly inaccurate and leaked randomly. They replaced it with the current version, under the lifetime warranty, and I can say this new one (knob regulator) is outstanding. It perfectly regulates every time and makes pH regulation completely automatic with zero hassle. I've had the newer one working for over a year now and haven't had to touch it once. Great product!

  • 4
    Wow! May I have another?

    Posted by Jeff Palmer on Jul 16th 2016

    This is my second regulator & tank purchase from here. The first was a Milwaukee & 10 pound tank, & they are still working fine. I decided to go with "the best" regulator and another 10 pound tank for my 25 gallon cube. So far I'm very impressed with the simple set up and accuracy of the doser. This thing blows away the bubble counter! There are some scuff marks from assembly, but they're acceptable because the unit is out of sight. My only reason for not giving 5 stars was I couldn't get some diffusers (GLA) to work. Even at the max "bubble size" and the dose cranked up, there wasn't enough pressure to diffuse. There are zero leaks in the setup, and these (GLA) diffusers work just fine on the Milwaukee if the pressure is above 30 PSI. However, this is very minor and definitely not a deal breaker. I prefer glass anyway & the unit really shines with glass diffusers. Also, the price point & warranty can't be beat & is just icing on the cake. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Best investment

    Posted by Adam on Dec 15th 2015

    I bought one of these to work with a calcium reactor for my reef tank. I was able to dial it in perfectly. I literally set it and forget it. No end of tank purge to worry about either. I just recently started using one with my co2 reactor on my planted tank. Again, it works flawlessly. I had friends who laughed when I first bought it. Now all of them have bought one after seeing my systems run so easily.

  • 5
    New to automatic CO2

    Posted by Craig on Oct 15th 2014

    I had used a yeast based manual CO2 system 10-15 years ago and when setting up a new planted tank wanted something simpler. Installing this with the recommended check valve was a piece of cake. I had a CO2 tank from homebrewing and simply attached the regulator, adjusted the pressure, and then set the bubble count. The bubble count is amazingly accurate and so easy to adjust. Thanks!

  • 5

    Posted by Kelly Van Buskirk on May 13th 2014

    I had been trying to use the Milwaukee 957 regulator and solenoidd valve for my calcium reactor but it just would not work corectly due to the fact that it is a low pressure solenoid and can't handle ANY back pressure, it wont shut off. The Milwaukee is a ok to use on an open system only. SO, After reading the reviews here as well as on some of the reef forums I decided to get the Carbon Doser. I wanted one with the John Guest fitting, so I called and called and talked to Randy, He special made mine with the fitting I wanted at no extra charge. (That's customer service) I had the doser in my hand in 3 days. (FREE SHIPPING) hooked it up in 10 min and has been ROCK SOLID) since. it's basicl'y set it and forget it. Well worth the money

  • 5
    Thank you Aquarium Plants

    Posted by Anthony Tartaglia on Mar 2nd 2013

    After many hours of research I finally made the purchase, I've been looking for a new C02 regulator after my old one died dumping the remaining C02 that was left into my tank killing most of my fish and shrimp. Everything on the Internet pointed to this regulator and now I know why, it is a great product, all you have to do is adjust it once and that's it, no more worrying about when it goes on in the morning if its going to dump to much C02 into the tank killing everything again. Also a special thank you to one of your employes Mark, I ordered the regulator on Friday afternoon and he asked me when I needed it, I told him tomorrow, Mark made it happen, it was at my door the next morning, NOW THAT'S COSTUMER SERVICE... I will highly recommend not only this product but the company as well... Thank you Aquarium Plants

  • 5
    The Best!

    Posted by Ed Newman on Jan 31st 2012

    I have been using this device since they came out and was very happy with it. Did not know just how good it is until Christmas when I got an Apex system and started to see the PH readings for my Cal Reactor in the log. The variation is normally no more .06 units for a 24 hour period. If there is a larger change it is because the water flow rate to the sump has changed. Just a great product Thanks!

  • 5

    Posted by Berrian Puma on Jul 28th 2011

    Dear, I am writing to thank you all for your excellent support with my CO2 regulator. I had purchased one from your site about 18 months ago and it malfunctioned a few weeks ago. I believe it did so in part due to my over tightening the flange that connects to the CO2 cylinder. I sent it to be inspected to fully expecting to have to pay for the service. Your staff (I recall speaking with Mark) were extremely helpful and kind over the phone and provided me with details as to how they were checking the regulator. I was not charged for the servicing of the equipment nor for shipping it back to my home. I cannot think of a time or a circumstance where I have been so pleasantly surprised by the customer service and the support. When I inquired why this was going to be at no expense to me, I was told that "all you wanted my business". You have got it. Once more many thanks for your support, Best, Berrian Puma

  • 5
    carbon doser electronic co2 regulator

    Posted by alton travis on Jul 3rd 2011

    OMG aquarium plants you guys out did your self this is the best regulator ever . all you do is set it and forget it . I had a milwaukee instruments regulator took me 45 mins to set it to the wrighrt bubble count, and when you think you set it wright it dumps in my tank. Ive had this regulator dumped on me three times. but with the carbon doser it took me a minimum ten mins to set it up it was so easy , and I would strongly recommend this product to any one looking for a regulator. good job aquarium plants

  • 5
    Carbon Doser

    Posted by Kensley Williams on Feb 14th 2011

    Love it love it aquariumplants you the best.