CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator V2.0

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 CarbonDoser V2.0 - The World's Most Precise CO2 Regulator. - YouTube

CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator V2.0 (complete system: with remote box option)

Now manufactured with the TUNZE® (German Built) Regulator

The new V2.0 allows for the aquarist to position the CO2 cylinder out of the way in a remote area.  Then mounting the "box" anywhere such as up on a board with all the electronics/pH controllers/ETC

The 1/8" tubing from the Reg to the Box is very pliable and easy to use similar to a wire!

  • John Guest push-in fittings
  • CarbonDoser® exclusive checkvalve
  • Polyurethane tubing (1/8" from Regulator to CarbonDoser® V2.0 Box & 1/4" from Box-to-checkvalve-to-Reactor.
This product has forever changed the introduction of CO2 into an aquarium. Used for CO2 injection for a freshwater planted aquarium, or a Calcium reactor in a saltwater application. We guarantee that nowhere on this planet can you find a BETTER or MORE PRECISE regulator! The problem of "dumping" is completely eliminated with this regulator. Dumping is always a problem with ALL OTHER regulators which utilize a needle valve. Simply because, a needle valve relies on the pressure on both sides of it for accuracy. So, even though you have it set at a certain "bubble rate", once the pressure in the cylinder (or the outside atmospheric pressure) changes, so will the amount of CO2 that passes through the needle valve. This is why it is physically impossible for any and ALL other regulators that rely on a needle valve to ever be consistent. This regulator does not have a needle valve, but instead, it has an electronic valve that opens and closes in a fraction of a second, (each "opening and closing" equates to a bubble) and, due to the fact that it is "electronic" the "bubble rate" can NEVER change. Once it is set, it can never vary more than +/- 1/1,000=of a second.
  • Neptune
  • Hydros
  • GHL
  • PinPoint
  • ''JUST THE BLACK BOX" Option:  This is for the user that has invested a ton of money in a high $ fancy shiny regulator, only to discover that they are never consistent. Rid yoursel of the problematic bubble counter, solenoid & needle valve and use this remotely.
  • "MULTIPLE "BLACK BOX" Option: This allows for multiple "BLACK BOXES" for several aquariums but only 1 CO2 cylinder and 1 Regulator.  (please contact us for specifics/options. 
Carbon Doser - v2.0
3 year warranty.


  • 5
    The Best!

    Posted by Ed Newman on Jan 31st 2012

    I have been using this device since they came out and was very happy with it. Did not know just how good it is until Christmas when I got an Apex system and started to see the PH readings for my Cal Reactor in the log. The variation is normally no more .06 units for a 24 hour period. If there is a larger change it is because the water flow rate to the sump has changed. Just a great product Thanks!

  • 5

    Posted by Berrian Puma on Jul 28th 2011

    Dear, I am writing to thank you all for your excellent support with my CO2 regulator. I had purchased one from your site about 18 months ago and it malfunctioned a few weeks ago. I believe it did so in part due to my over tightening the flange that connects to the CO2 cylinder. I sent it to be inspected to fully expecting to have to pay for the service. Your staff (I recall speaking with Mark) were extremely helpful and kind over the phone and provided me with details as to how they were checking the regulator. I was not charged for the servicing of the equipment nor for shipping it back to my home. I cannot think of a time or a circumstance where I have been so pleasantly surprised by the customer service and the support. When I inquired why this was going to be at no expense to me, I was told that "all you wanted my business". You have got it. Once more many thanks for your support, Best, Berrian Puma

  • 5
    carbon doser electronic co2 regulator

    Posted by alton travis on Jul 3rd 2011

    OMG aquarium plants you guys out did your self this is the best regulator ever . all you do is set it and forget it . I had a milwaukee instruments regulator took me 45 mins to set it to the wrighrt bubble count, and when you think you set it wright it dumps in my tank. Ive had this regulator dumped on me three times. but with the carbon doser it took me a minimum ten mins to set it up it was so easy , and I would strongly recommend this product to any one looking for a regulator. good job aquarium plants

  • 5
    Carbon Doser

    Posted by Kensley Williams on Feb 14th 2011

    Love it love it aquariumplants you the best.

  • 5
    It really is the best

    Posted by AquaMom on Aug 11th 2010

    I tried a couple of other "best" regulators before I finally took a chance on this one. I am so glad I did. It is unbelievably reliable. I don't even worry about my co2 tank dumping when it gets low. This regulator regulates, period.

  • 5
    The CO2 Challenge

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 4th 2010

    Well, consider me part of the alumni club that started with the Milwaukee regulator and made the switch. The Milwaukee Regulator was a nightmare to calibrate and finally unloaded my whole CO2 tank into my aquarium. Fortunately, I did not have any fish in the tank yet. This unit is a plug and play unit. I plugged it in and made a few adjustments and left it alone. It turns off with my timer each night and comes on in the morning. The bubble rate is consistent and safe. Spend the money and save yourself the grief.

  • 5
    The best as Promised!

    Posted by Art on May 26th 2010

    Just want to say thanks to Mark for his great customer service. This system is as promised. I have been on the Milwaukee Regulater system for many years and I thought it was fine, just happened to add water in the counter once in awhile. This system is automated and just plug it in and set and forget. Easy way to control bubbles and it's accurate as promised as well. I Highly Recommend this item for CO2 injection.

  • 5
    10+ Product, Materials, Performance

    Posted by ReefMe on Sep 2nd 2009

    Already have a valve? Trash it or upgrade it with the part here or throw it out,what you own is incorrect, obsolete,not functioning properly,not up to the standards your reef demands to survive as a high quality environment. This unit is da'bomb,the unit that has the digital read out. Any rating here that is not 5 stars has nothing to do with this unit but some other thing that someone may have been upset about - you cannot say anything bad about this product. As other reviewers have said, 'set it and forget it' Manually setting a needle valve is impossible to do,it constantly changes with the pressure from outside the tank and inside, always. This unit compensates those constant variables and adjusts for them to give a consistent flow of CO2 to the reactor. There is no other mechanism to do this function. Every valve that exists is an inferior product for the job, cannot say enough how badly you need this. One of the best investments your ever, ever going to spend on your reef! Enjoy!

  • 5
    Regulator the Best

    Posted by Rico on May 24th 2009

    I ordered this set, and was a bit skeptical at first. But after 2 weeks, it's going great, and the plants are thriving! I'm about to order 2nd one with an added box for 2 more aquariums.!