CarbonDoser® NANO CO2 Internal Reactor for NANO or small tanks up to 55 gallons

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About This Product

CarbonDoser® Reactor NANO (for NANO or small tanks) Install in the aquarium or hide in the back with the filter system in certain applications.

It's a "Reactor" (not a diffuser)

5 1\2" tall X 2 3/4" wide.

When space is limited and/or a remote filter/pump is not used. The submerged pump thoroughly mixes the CO2. Only sparged (completely dissolved) CO2 can exit the unit... NO CO2 is wasted.

For aquariums up to (55 +/- gallons.) Don't let the Kool-Aide drinkers convince you that a diffuser with a ceramic disc is efficient   No matter what reactor you choose, here is what you need to know: "if it ain't got it's own water pump to dissolve the CO2, it will waste tons of CO2 !


In extensive testing utilizing the super accurate CarbonDoser® Electronic CO2 Regulator, here are some results (base on maintaining 25 PPM CO2 Saturation):

  • when using the CarbonDoser® EXT 5000 the average settings for a 90 gallon aquarium are:  (1+/-) seconds per bubble/portion @ 8 PSI.)
  • when using the Tunze CO2 Reactor NANO the average setting for a 40 gallon aquarium are:   (2+/-) seconds per bubble/portion @ 6 PSI.)
  • when using a ceramic "diffuser" on a 55 gallon aquarium are:  5 "bubbles per second (not seconds per bubble) @ 35+ PSI. !!!

Basically a ceramic diffuser uses (wastes) a tremendous amount of CO2 compared to a this Reactor.

Check out various videos on youtube utilizing a "diffusor"... you'll see 1000's of CO2 bubbles flying around the aquarium like a blizzard... "Only sparged (completely dissolved) CO2 is usable to plants. Those CO2 bubbles rise to the surface and are a total waste.