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Tiger Lotus Red (Nymphaea zenkeri)

Tiger Lotus Red (Nymphaea zenkeri)

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A beautiful African Lotus plant, brilliant red colors with spots. The leaves will start out low and some runners may extend with some leaves floating on the surface. Medium hardy plant. Keeping the long runners pruned encourages bottom growth.
We import these from Guinea, West Africa...these are absolutely gorgeous specimens...this is one of the most beautiful plants you will ever disappointments...guaranteed!!!
Note: Your plant may either arrive as a full plant or a sprouted bulb. (early growth bulbs are less likely to be damaged during shipping)
  • Common Name: Red Tiger Lotus
  • Family Name: Nymphaeaceae
  • Native To: Africa
  • Lighting: Medium
  • pH: 5-8
  • Growth Demands: Moderate
  • Growth Form: Rosette
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Background
  • Available As: Bare Root

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