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Grow-Pro: Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate
Grow-Pro: Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate
Grow-Pro: Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate
Grow-Pro: Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate

Grow-Pro: Freshwater Planted Aquarium Substrate

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Natural Amazon
Red River
Black Diamond
Soft Belly Soil
Used as a complete system with our exclusive: "Substrate Vitalization System", (and proper water conditions, lighting etc), we guarantee total success of your planted aquarium. (if you follow our recommendations and purchase your equipment & plants from us)

sk our tech guys if you have the proper water conditions & lighting etc.
All natural. No artificial coloring. Contains minerals and nutrients and rich in iron. Provides optimum fresh water aquatic plant growth. Used with our exclusive "'s own Substrate Fertilizer Pellets" we GUARANTEE success. NEW: 3 colors to choose from; Black Diamond, Natural Amazon, Red River. Will not break down or dissolve or turn to mud like others do. Does not cloud water outperforms ALL other planted substrates (guaranteed). We use this with all of our shrimp. No copper.
Granular Size: 1.2mm to 2.8mm
We recommend that you rinse the Grow-Pro substrate once before use. The objective is to remove only the fine powder that is a byproduct of when the granules are machine ground. Before filling your aquarium with water, place a piece of cardboard or plastic on top of the substrate to deflect the water as you pour it in. This will prevent the water from churning up the substrate and clouding the water.
The more you rinse the substrate, the more of the fines you are removing. These fines are more readily available to the root of the plant. Thus, rinsing them away is disadvantageous.
NEVER attempt to add substrate to an aquarium that is already filled with water. What will happen is the substrate will stratisfy or layer. The heavy granules will settle at the bottom and the lighter granules will settle at the top.
There are 60,000 customers currently using this substrate with great success. When used correctly with the AquaFertz pellets, no other product will give these results. This is a guarantee.
How do I calculate how much I need for my aquarium?
  • 5 gallon bucket will cover: 4 sq ft at a depth of 3"
  • Equivalent to 6 bags of "eco-complete !
  • Approx 1.25 gallons of substrate per square foot. (note: if you slope or create hills, you will need to order more)
  • EXAMPLE: 55g tank measures 48"L x 12"W. Divide each measurement by 12 to convert to feet. Then take L x W to get area. Multiply that by 1.25 to get gallons of substrate.
  • (48L x 12W)/12= (4L x 1W) = 4sqft > 4 x 1.25= 5 Gallons
In comparison to "Eco-complete": Eco-complete takes 120 lbs (6 bags) to cover the same area, at a cost of over $180.00 !!! Shipped in a FREE bucket...great to keep around for water changes etc.
NEW*** 3 Color Options to choose from:
  • Black Diamond
  • Natural Amazon
  • Soft Belly (natural amazon color)
  • Red River

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