COMPLETE CO2 SYSTEM Build Your Own-Buffet Style

HGHG-CO2 a la Carte
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    Well Worth It

    Posted by Lachlan on May 13th 2022

    I had been growing an Amazon Sword and some hornwort in my 55gal after a few months, with over a decade of never trying live plants. Just seeing minimal growth gave me the plant bug, but even with liquid carbon dosing and ferts, anything else I added eventually languished and died, leaving me with just my original plants, and some terrible algae to boot! I was already familiar with this setup through AquariumPlants so I decided to give them a call, which cleared up all my questions and I committed to a "full" system, which I am very grateful I did from the start. If anyone is on the fence about the reactor or pH controller, don't waste your time with anything else they were extremely easy to set up and were running within 2 hours of me coming home from work, including the 1 hour leak down test. Now I have over 40 plants growing in that tank with explosive growth. I did have to step up my LED lighting levels and fert schedule as well, but without the CO2 injection I would just be feeding the algae. My original Amazon sword is nearly 10"x10"x10" after 2 months and has more leaves and runners than I can count. The alae problem also is completely gone as the plants are clearly much too greedy with the nutrients now, adding new leaves every day on some plants. I cannot recommend this system enough.

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    All in One answer to automatic CO2

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 6th 2022

    First time co2 users, piecing it together was a bit challenging but aquarium plants answered my several phone calls to walk me through set up, it has been set up for a week and I can visibly see the increased growth, my water wisteria has grown over an inch, dwarf hair grass about 1/2”, swords and Anubis all flourishing. This is an investment into your tank that is worth it!

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    Co2 system

    Posted by Rob on Apr 2nd 2021

    I've shopped with for many years and this is a great example of why. One of the products I ordered was actually out of stock and I received a call letting me know I would simply recieve a free upgrade and faster shipping. Incredible customer service and as usual incredible products. Packaging was excellent and I'm looking forward to setting up my high quality bargain system!

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    Ultimate C02 = ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND!

    Posted by Frederick Mathiesen on Jul 16th 2016

    I read everything I could find on the internet, visited many shops. Long story cut short... over and over the single best component I bought! This grouping of equipment seemed so over whelming when I unpacked it. The directions are thin to say the least but, I learned the system by studying the simplistic drawing in the product discription. Stay organized and start at one end and work though the system. Honestly, I had to reassemble 3 times due to leaks. Do THIS AND IT WON'T = COMPLETLEY WRAP THREADS TWICE WITH TEFLON TAPE. BUY SOME SILICONE RUBBER GASKIT LUBE. COAT MALE AND FEMALE THREADS LIGHTLY BUT COMPLETLY AFTER THEY ARE TAPED. Tighten till just snug + 1/8th turn. Be gentle. I have not had a leak!!! On the 2nd day my plants were happily making pearls. The compliments never stop. G6 filter easily drives this syestem and the 18 watt UV inline I added to the return line. DO IT RIGHT OR DO IT OVER! These guys know CO2. Buy with confidence. 4 months and counting of SWEET SUCCESS!

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    Worth every penny.

    Posted by Jay Rodin on Jun 25th 2015

    After reviewing many systems. I ordered this one and it was an easy choice. Great customer service. Easy to hookup. Plants growing great. Thank you

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    Another wow for me

    Posted by Erik Hoskinson on Dec 6th 2013

    This place is great, This CO2 system is so easy. A few months ago I didn't even know about CO2, never had live plants, so of course I was worried about introducing this to my Discus tank. With their lighting and this CO2, plants that were turning brown, are growing chutes like crazy. This system is as easy as, hook it up and turn it on. All I used was the diagram. If you want a planted tank with the nice plants, then this system is well worth the money.

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    Im very happy!

    Posted by HAWK on Feb 13th 2012

    I was on the fence about c02. When I saw this product I thought well maybe I can pull it off. I have had no problems none! It is easy to install, set and forget. I could not be more satisfied with this purchase.

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    Posted by Paul Waldrep on Dec 4th 2011

    Yes it is expensive, but you will NEVER regret buying it!!!! Had mine for a few years now and still works like a champ, no problems. Worth the piece of mind to just set it up and never worry about it again. It is the BEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD!!!!

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    Worth the price for high end equipment.

    Posted by Rich on Nov 4th 2011

    I purchased the full system with the 5000 reactor and a 10 lbs cylinder in March 2011. At first I wasn't seeing much growth but in approximately 2 weeks my system was THRIVING! There equipment is unmatched in the industry. Not to mention the customer service and expertise was available any time I had a question. AquariumPlants you guys rock! Rich in SpringHill, FL