CPR Aquatic "Dual" Bakpak Protein Skimmer

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About This Product

BAK-PAK Dual Pak

CPR has taken the proven technology behind the BAK-PAK 2, and created the larger BAK-PAK Dual Pak.

The Dual Pak provides a complete hang-on filtration unit for tanks up to 100 gallons that incorporates two protein skimmers with a biological filtration chamber in the middle.

Using proven Rejuvenation Venturi technology, the protein skimmers are flooded with bubbles for constant removal of excess organics.

The biological chamber utilizes CPR's Bio-Bale biological filter media to provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

Simply hang on BAK-PAK Dual Pak on the back of an aquarium, plug in the rejuvenation venturi powerheads, and enjoy a worry-free operation!

BPDP Body Size: 11.5" wide, 3.75" deep, 18" height