CPR Bak-Pak 2 Protein Skimmer

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CPR Bak-Pak 2 Protein Skimmer Information

Cyclone BAK-PAK 2 Bio-Filter

The Cyclone BAK-PAK2 Bio-Filter is the second generation external, hang on the back, combination Protein Skimmer and Biological Filtration unit from CPR. The BAK-PAK 2, like the original, is designed for tank sizes up to 60 gallons, but multiple units may be used for larger aquariums. Water first enters the Protein Skimmer column from the aquarium. It then flows through the biological chamber filled with Bio-Bale filtration media before returning to the aquarium.

The Protein Skimmer is driven by a rejuvenation venturi powerhead. Bubble dwell time is increased by the counter-current flow in the skimmer column. The quality of the foam collected can be controlled by raising and lowering the collection cup.

To set up the BAK-PAK 2, hang the unit behind the aquarium and plug it in, that`s it. New improved design incorporates an easy to clean intake tube and an enclosed, directional outflow to reduce salt splash and micro-bubbles entering into tank. The new design also uses a smoke colored break-resistant collection cup.

"A Marine Fish Monthly Product Review"
The Cyclone Bak-Pak incorporates a biological filter along with a very nice protein skimmer in one unit, which hangs on the back of your aquarium. No extra plumbing is required, in fact all you need to do is level unit with the adjustment screws provided in the unit.

For the purpose of our test, we installed the unit on a 55 gallon tank which was overloaded with animals, on purpose. This was done to fully test the unit. More animals were swimming in the tank than is recommended or you should ever have in your tank. Again, on purpose, we overfed the animals. Again, this was to fully put the unit through its paces.

After plugging the unit in, we lowered the protein skimmer collection cup lower than usual so we not only would get dry foam but capture some of the wet foam. Again, this was done on purpose to test the unit at a capacity far greater than it was rated. Immediately, we began to collect green water in the collection cup. It was necessary to empty the collection cup two or three times daily for a few days. All the while the water in the aquarium was becoming clearer. Finally, after about a week we raised the cup to the normal recommended level and continued to run the unit. We are now getting dry foam, and the water quality continues to improve. The water is clear and the fish seem more comfortable since the yellow has been removed.

The Cyclone Bak-Pak now has been on the 55 gallon tank for some two months. The water remains clear and the fish are healthy and swimming in normal patterns. A quick check proves the nitrites are well within the acceptable range and ammonia does not read with the test kit.

As mentioned the Bak-Pak incorporates a biological filter already filled with media and a protein skimmer, easily hung over the back of your tank. After testing we have concluded that this unit is ideal where the hobbyist does not want to do extra plumbing and add a lot of piping, extra pumps, etc. If you have a larger tank, simply add additional Bak-Pak units, one for each 60 gallons of aquarium water or portion of thereof.

Operation is very quiet, salt creep is kept to a minimum as the lip of the return port extends into the aquarium water, so there is no splash from water being returned to the tank. We can recommend this unit to any hobbyist who wants a clear tank and optimum water quality for his animals.

Skimmer body dimensions: 7.5" W X 3" D X 17" H
Overall dimensions: 7.5" W x 6.25" D x 19.5" H