Crinum Calamistratum
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Beautiful emerald green crinum that is "just all twisted up". It adds a lot of interest to your aquarium. Great texture. Just because it's tall doesn't mean it has to be in the background. Move this plant up to the front and you can see the other plants through it. The leaves are skinny with very tight spiraling waves...these are beautiful.
  • Common Name: Calamistratum
  • Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
  • Native To: Africa
  • Lighting: Medium
  • pH: 6-8
  • Growth Demands: Moderate
  • Growth Form: Rosette
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement in Tank: Mid-Background
  • Available As: Bare Root
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  • 5
    Lovely Crinum

    Posted by Shade Rupe on Sep 26th 2020

    Excellent good-sized healthy plant doing great in my tank. Will be back for more!

  • 5
    Nice Specimen Plant!

    Posted by Thoughtsprocket on Oct 24th 2015

    I love this plant! It makes an interesting specimen in the front of my tank next to Mopani wood and Bronze Crypts. The foliage is supreme for people who want something out of the ordinary. Thank you for sending me such a hearty looking plant.

  • 2
    Great looking-really small for price

    Posted by JKG on May 31st 2012

    The plants are incredible looking, they shipped very good, very small roots (not even past the bottom of the bulb), and both plants are about 4 inches tall. For the price charged I expeced something much bigger!

  • 3
    Not for brackish

    Posted by Tiffani Martin on Dec 25th 2011

    Planted in slightly brackish water (1.005sg), started yellowing within 2 days. It has been moved to my freshwater tank.. hopefully it will recover.

  • 5
    Very Nice Plants!!!

    Posted by Timothy Haut on May 3rd 2011

    I got this plant today 2nd day air and it did suffer a little, but the plant was very large at about 16 inches tall with very long leaves that had darkend slightly and a strong root system on a good sized bulb. The tank has 1.73 wpg no CO2 and only gets ferts every week. After 10 days now about 4 inches of each branch had browned and melted away but I had to plant the bulb some what deep because the roots were short but the roots have now grown enough to pull the bulb above the substrate and I'm hoping to see some improvement soon.

  • 4
    Crinum-Long & Wavy

    Posted by Dawn on Aug 15th 2009

    I ordered this a while back, it arrived in great shape and had a crinkle like appearance to the stalks. At the time, this plant was rare and extremely hard to come by. Now, you can find it..but it's quite pricy. This plant was slow growing, but over time grew to the top of my tank. I ran into an algae issue on the stalks due to the slow growth where SAE's were purchased to take care of the hair algae that the stalks seemed to keep getting. Loved the long wavy stalks, but found it to be prone to algae issues due to the slow growth (note-I had moderate to high lighting with this plant and no plant dosing at the time).

  • 5
    Interesting, unique, and hardy plant

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 7th 2009

    This plant survived hot summer shipping, while several of my other plants (Vals) did not. I have had it for several months now. It has grown faster than expected and is a beautiful addition to my tank. My cichlids have not bothered it, which is another added bonus.