Crinum Dwarf onion plant (Zephyranthes candida) 10 per order
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This is a great conversation piece...they are nearly identical to a onion right out of your garden...except, they grow with the bulb exposed, which is actually quite pretty...These are also a great option for ''grasslike" plants but they are much hardier.
NOTE: This picture just does not do this plant justice...give them a'll like them.
  • Common Name: Dwarf Onion Plant
  • Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
  • Native To: South America
  • Lighting: High
  • pH: 6-7.5
  • Growth Demands: Moderate
  • Growth Form: Upright
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • True Aquatic: Terrarium
  • Placement in Tank: Background
  • Available As: Bare Root
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  • 5
    Pretty neat

    Posted by Wesley Stanford on Jan 19th 2018

    Yes they do float if not anchored correctly. Solution: dry off the base of the bulb, use aquarium safe glue and glue it to a rock, once placed in the tank, cover the rock/roots with substrate until about a third of the bulb is buried. (I simply bought a bag of black pebbles from Loweメs, make sure they are untreated/unpolished, you could also use driftwood etc) you can glue about 5 or 6 plants per rock then youメre also able to try different locations throughout your tank easily! I bought these for my 125 gal with 8ヤ comet goldfish. The leaves of this plant are strong yet flexible. My fish will break the stems of Amazon swords, but so far they havenメt been able to break these. (They also havenメt eaten them, presumably because theyメre an onion) the ones I received were EXTREMELY healthy, nice roots, the majority are 16ヤ+ with many being 20ヤ+ extending to the top of my tank! Smallest was about 12ヤ Iメd recommend this plant.

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    Won't stay put

    Posted by Amy Lesniak on Nov 16th 2016

    I love the look of these onion plants, with their long, vibrant greens, but they are driving me crazy because they constantly want to float up to the top of my tank. Since you cannot bury the bulb more than about 1/3, any little disturbance dislodges them (I think my Gold Barbs secretly nudge them just to torment me). I've taken to looping a nylon zip-tie around a couple bulbs together, and then looping a second tie through the first and around something stable, like a manzanita branch. Other than that, they've acclimated well and are putting out new shoots after about two weeks.

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    Came in very nice

    Posted by PhilipᅠToppo on Jul 16th 2016

    I as well didn't know what to expect when I got these. They are like very tall grasses for your tank with a nice onion bulb base to them. The leaves are very stiff. Very nice roots on all the plants.

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    Cool plant, but doesn't seem to acclimate well.

    Posted by Danny Martinez on May 7th 2013

    These came very well packaged and I got three plants with babies! Were in PERFECT condition when I put them in the tank, but slowly began to deteriorate. Still trying to recover 2 months later. They ARE growing new shoots as I trim the dying ends off. I'm pretty sure it's something I'm doing wrong. Give it a try and do some research before you buy! Look great in a little grove! Came well packaged and in great condition via next day!

  • 5

    Posted by Brittany on Dec 22nd 2009

    WOW! These plants came in beautiful, and larger than expected. By far, the best I have ever seen 5 stars!!

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    Came in Good Size and Healthy

    Posted by ᅠJessica on Jul 18th 2008

    When I ordered this plant I didnt know what to expect as I had never heard of it before. With my order I received ten, as they say you get, and one of my plants was even growing a good sized baby, so you could say I got eleven! They came very green with white 'onions' though some of the tips were yellow, that was to be expected and you just pinch those off. I am not exactly sure of their adult height, but most of my plants were between 15-16 inches tall. I did get only a couple that were about 9 inches tall. The leaves are thin and round. Each plant had about 5 leaves. My Harlequin Rasboras enjoy swimming through their leaves which reach the top of my tank.