Crinum "Onion Plant" (Crinum thaianum)
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Onion Plant


Southeast Asia


6 - 9





Mid - Background

Bare Root
Crinum thaianum is an excellent plant for the aquarium. Crinum thaianum, more commonly know as onion plant, grows in rivers and streams in Southeast Asia. The large bulb on Crinum thaianum helps it to store energy through the dry spells. Crinum thaianum is best used in the mid or background areas of the aquarium. Large white flowers adorn Crinum thaianum when it is low water or emmersed. Crinum thaianum is a great aquarium plant for beginners because of its ability to live in a variety of different conditions.
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    Onion-Nice Height & Great for mid-background

    Posted by Dawn on Jul 16th 2016

    Arrived in Great condition, light green in color and aprox. 10" in height. Has 2 thick grasslike blades that came off each onion...and wave nicely in the waters current. Nice "swim through" plant if you get multiples of this and looks really nice towards the back!

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    VERY long leaves, light green, and easy to grow.

    Posted by ben on Sep 21st 2006

    I love this plant, it is great for the background for many reasons: It is tall, which is important as I have a tall tank, It has 1" thick leaves which are very tough and hard to break, and finally it roots well and will not float around the tank. I like the color of the leaves, and they spiral just slightly making it a nice plant to look at in the aquarium. Like I mentioned in the title, i have had the leaves on this plant grow up to 28-30", and they were still growing when I trimmed them!