Current USA Ramp Time Pro W/Wireless Remote

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Current USA Ramp Time Pro W/Wireless Remote

Simulate a natural sunrise, sunset, fading moonlight, and create cloud cover and lightning storms - all from the comfort of your couch. The Ramp TimerPro is a fully programmable 24 hour LED lighting controller that not only turns your lights on and off, but provides on-demand dynamic lighting effects. Designed for both freshwater and marine aquariums, its extremely simple to use and slowly acclimates animals to the bright light that LEDs produce.

Simple-to-program, the Ramp Timer Pro includes a 32-key wireless remote which allows you to completely program your daily lighting schedule and create on-demand lighting effects including cloud cover, lightning storms, and moon lighting. Two independent lighting channels can be programmed for on/off time, minimum and maximum intensity/brightness, even the ramp/dim duration. The internal memory stores up to 4 lighting schedules and weve even built-in preset lighting schedules with coral acclimation modes to make things easy.

* Gently acclimates fish to high bright LEDs
* Reduces stress, provides a natural rhythmic 24 hour lighting schedule
* Intensity/brightness adjustment allows for overall color spectrum control
* Weather pattern and moon light simulation for inducing spawning

* Two independent lighting channels
* Adjustable min/max intensity for each channel and moonlights (0-100%)
* Adjustable ramp/dim time (0-30 minutes)
* Large backlit LCD display
* Widely compatible, the Ramp TimerPro works with any 12-24VDC LED light using a standard 2.5mm x 5mm DC plug (we suggest checking with your light manufacturer to ensure compatibility and warranty coverage.)
* Plug-and-play, uses your existing low voltage transformer
* Internal memory modes
* Wireless IR remote provides on-demand lighting effects and programming control