Aquarium Driftwood
Driftwood is the heart of your aquascape. It is used to create a flow from one side of your display tank to the other. Most importantly it gives fish and animals a place to hide and creates a place to attach plants. For your benefit it creates an aquarium with a natural looking décor. 
Beautiful aquascapes representing biomes from around the world can be created by using the various species of driftwood carried by You can create a riverbank look by using the thick rooted African Mopani Driftwood or a large chuck of Corcovado wood buried in the substrate. Driftwood gives fish and animals a place to hide, and create a place to attach plants to give the most natural look to your aquarium. From the beautiful branchy Alborz wood to the stumpy look of Jangle Wood, choosing the right driftwood for your tank starts long before you add water to it.  
Take a moment to consider the most beautiful freshwater aquarium you’ve ever seen. Think about what made that ecosystem appeal to you. Was it the plants? Was it the animals? Or was it something simpler? A simple, graceful, and natural looking aquascape that comes from Driftwood. From the beautiful branchy Alborz wood to the stumpy look of Jangle Wood, choosing the right driftwood for your tank starts long before you add water to it. 
Choosing Aquarium Driftwood
There are some things that you should consider when choosing the right driftwood for your aquarium. First and foremost, make sure the driftwood you have chosen is safe for use in your aquarium. Pieces that are labeled for use in reptile habitats may contain chemicals that are harmful to fish or other aquatic life. You should also avoid using wood that has been found outdoors. If wood is not dried or cured properly, it could begin to rot when placed in your aquarium. Finally, realize that even if you soak large pieces of driftwood, they can still be buoyant. Use rocks and monofilament lines to anchor the wood in your aquarium to create the desired aquascape.
At, we have a wide selection of driftwood to suit your aqua scaping needs. We carry Alborz, African Mopani Root, Cholla Wood, Corcovado Wood, Jangle Wood, Spider Wood, and Tiger Wood. Each of these different types of driftwood or base wood have unique features and range in sizes that are appropriate for desktop tanks all the way up to massive in wall displays. By taking some time to research the plants and animals that you wish to have in your habitat, you will find that different species require different needs. Some species love to be blasted with intense lighting and some species like to be placed in a shaded area in indirect light. By choosing the proper driftwood, you can give various plants their optimal growing environment.  
When using driftwood, it is sometimes necessary to prep the wood before use in the aquarium. Some of these prep methods include boiling, soaking, or cleaning. Preparing the wood for use in a captive ecosystem is essential to the long-term success of the system. It can remove unknown parasites or chemicals. Boiling driftwood for one to two hours will sterilize it and limit the possibility that foreign contaminants will be introduced into your system.
Driftwood for Aquariums
We can help you create a beautiful aquarium. Tiger Wood – not to be confused with golfer Tiger Woods – gives the hobbyist the look of tree roots or branches in the water. When placed properly, a stunning, natural, and effective aquascape can be created to give your aquarium the wow factor when your house or party guests see it. It can lead to questions about the hobby and promote discussion of conservation of different habitats and biomes around the world.  
Want us to help customize your aquarium? offers aqua scaping service. All you have to do is tell us what plants and animals you’d like to keep, and we’ll send a layout including how to place your aquarium driftwood and where to place the plants in your new aquarium. Call Us Today!
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