Eheim Adsorptive Filter Media

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About This Product

EHEIM filter media
for cystal-clear, healthy water in your aquarium

Adsorptive filtration:

This type of filter media extracts pollutants from the water and deposits them. These pollutants can be chemical compounds such as chlorine from tap water used for the first installation of aquariums or also residues of medication after treatment of the aquarium inhabitants. Because adsorptive filter media deposit pollutants, but only decompose them partially, regular replacement is necessary.
EHEIM Karbon: Filter carbon for clear aquarium water
Packing sizes: 1 l, 2 l and 5 l

EHEIM Karbon binds pollutants, residue of medication and other undesirable substances in the aquarium water and deposits them. EHEIM Karbon is suitable for fresh water.

EHEIM Aktiv: Activated filter carbon with a high efficiency
Packing sizes: 0.25 l, 1 l , 2 l and 5 l

EHEIM Aktiv quickly binds pollutants, residue of medication, yellow cast and other undesirable substances in the aquarium water and deposits them in large quantities, thus making the water crystal-clear. The utilization of EHEIM Aktiv is especially important for the first installation of the aquarium and after medication treatment. Use activated carbon for a limited period of time only (approx. 4 weeks), and subsequently remove or replace it.
EHEIM Aktiv is used in the layer structure directly downstream of the mechanical filter medium, applying it best of all in the net bag supplied. EHEIM Aktiv can be used in marine and fresh water.

EHEIM filter media sets: Perfectly tailored

These complete filter media sets are perfectly tailored to EHEIM external canister filters. With one flick of the wrist, you obtain all media which you require for your EHEIM external canister filter in one single bargain pack. Filter media sets are available for the following models:

classic :2213 2215 - 2217
professionel: 2222/2322 2224/2324
professionel II: 2026/2126 2028/2128
professionel 3: 2080