Eheim Everyday Turtle Feeder

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About This Product

Having nice neighbours is fine. But do you want to entrust your aquarium to somebody during vacation who does not know anything about aquatics? We have a better solution for you:

The EHEIM feeding unit feeds your fish on a regular basis, the EHEIM liquidoser give your plants what they need and the EHEIM internal and external filters, equipped with corresponding filter media, keep the water of your aquarium clean for a long time.

You can enjoy the best weeks of the year undisturbed. At home, everything is ok. However, who will be responsible for your plants is another question.

The compact EHEIM feeding unit is operated by batteries (included). The actively aerated feeding chamber gives dry food down to the last flake. With simple to use programming, you decide when the fish should be fed. Double dosage of the food is also provided in the programming. "Snacks between meals" are possible at the press of a button at any time. A warning system informs you of low battery power. Capacity approx. 100 ml.

New: The fuction keys are now splash-proof


Turtles are poikilothermal animals, the appetite of which is controlled by the temperature of the body. Species with a high share of vegetable diet are fed once a day; young animals of all species need to be fed twice to three times a day; and all others need food only two to three times a week.

The food is eaten in the water in small portions until the animals do not want to feed any more and have eaten their fill. The right amount is found out soon and the water is not contaminated unnecessarily.