Electronic Boxes (for multiple aquariums)(must be added at time of purchase)

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This product has forever changed the introduction of Co2 in to an aquarium...Used for co2 injection for a freshwater planted aquarium, or a Calcium reactor in a saltwater application.
We guarantee, that, nowhere on this planet can you find a BETTER or MORE PRECISE regulator! (This is OUR baby, we built it, tested it, and patended it)

-fully automatic
-fully electronic
-perfectly accurate (down to 1 bubble per 10 seconds. (Count can NEVER vary more than 1/1000th of a second!)
-fully adjustable (bubbles per second & size of the bubble)
-NO bubble counter (you count "the LED light flashes instead of bubbles through a bubble counter)
-NO solenoid (that overheats and eventually fails)
-No needle valve (the "timing of the "bubbles" is fully electronic)
-Low voltage (12 volts/1.5 amps)
-Machined aluminum alloy regulator body (made in USA)
-Built in (internal) check valve
-3 year bumper to bumper warranty
-Yes, it can be controlled with all pH controllers (just like others with a soleniod)
-Manufactured in America by American workers