Eucalyptus Wood Hollow Root Log

Enhance the visual appeal and give your critters a natural environment with these hollow Eucalyptus root logs. Eucalyptus is safe for aquarium and terrarium environments. Eucalyptus wood does sink, but the smaller pieces can take several days or even up to a couple of weeks of pre-soaking to achieve this. The larger pieces usually sink right away but may take a day or two. Here at we have already pre-soaked them so when you receive them, this time should be minimal. This also helps to remove the natural tannins from the wood which are completely safe but can discolor the water.

Natural driftwood, like the Eucalyptus Root Wood, may also, on occasion, develop a milky or fuzzy white bacterial film after being placed in the aquarium. This film is harmless; however, it is best to remove the film in order to prevent it from becoming unsightly. Many people will boil their wood before placement to kill any bacteria on the wood.

Each of the larger pieces are photographed individually so the piece you order is the piece you will receive.

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