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About This Product

These porous fabric containers are far superior to the plastic pots typically used for aquatic plants. Made entirely of fabric, they have no hard surfaces or sharp edges to harm fish or damage rubber pond liners, and their flexible bottoms conform to irregular pond bottoms. Air and water pass freely through the fabric walls, aerating the soil and flushing accumulated salts, so plants develop better root structures and grow faster and healthier.

To use a fabric planting pot, fill it about half-full with screened top soil or potting soil, compact the soil, position the plant in the center, add a few more inches of soil, and compact the soil again. Spread an inch of washed gravel placed over the soil to keep the fish from digging. Water the pot thoroughly to remove air pockets, and set the pot at the edge of the pond in a few inches of water until the soil becomes fully saturated with water. Then fold down the excess fabric and position the pot.