Glossostigma (Glossostigma elatinoides)

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About This Product

Glossostigma elatinoides sold in the "pots" the quality is much better than in "bunches" and is much easier to plant. It is better quality, and you get more stems for the money. (as with bunched plants, when harvested, the plant is actually cut off) From that second on, it is literally rotting until planted. These potted plants arrive in perfect condition, and, unlike "bunched" plants, they have healthy roots so they have another huge advantage. This is not a plant for beginners. It requires bright light and C02. Beautiful foreground/ground cover plant that is copper sensitive. Make sure it's not shaded by other plants. Glossostigma elatinoides is commonly used as a foreground plant in aquariums. Plant several pots of Glossostigma in the desired areas and then watch them expand to form a dense carpet. Make sure to have ample lighting to be successful with this foreground plant.

  • Common Name: Glossostigma
  • Family Name: Scrophulariaceae
  • Native To: Australia and New Zelan
  • Lighting: High-Very High
  • pH: 5-7.5
  • Growth Demands: Moderate
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Foreground
  • Available As: Pot

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    very good

    Posted by danielᅠday on Sep 24th 2008

    arived next day, great looking glosso, very green, about 2-3 inches tall. grown very thick with lots of stems in the pot. the pot makes it all the more easy to plant, and anyone who has planted glosso the other way would know its a pain!

  • 5
    Extremely good quality

    Posted by Paul Nguyen Buu on Dec 24th 2006

    These pots of Glossostigma have to be seen to be believed! The three pots of glosso I purchased survived the shipping to Canada in sub-zero temperature (the temperature was low enough to kill off quite a few bunched plants) and have put on an impressive burst of growth in my aquarium (50 gallons, CO2-fertilisation, 2 watts per gallon lighting). I am extremely pleased and impressed.