Golden Melon sword (Echinodorus osiris)
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Common Name: Golden Melon Sword

Family Name: Araceae

Native To: North America

Lighting: Medium

pH: 6-8

Growth Demands: Moderate

Growth Form: Rosette

Growth Rate: Medium

True Aquatic: Yes

Placement In Tank: Midground

Available As: bare root

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    Simply Stunning!

    Posted by Matt Fischer on Jan 10th 2012

    A true gem among the swords, this stunning beauty makes an awesome centerpiece to a larger aquarium. Specimen does come as advertised, large means a plant between 12-16" inches in height, with a big healthy root system. These qualities, along with this plant's signature broad, bright green leaves make it a must have for any medium to larger planted aquairium enthusiast! This is truly a great source to purchase aquarium plants. I've purchased two orders from this site, and have been extremely satisfied with both. If you're looking for quality aquarium plants, at a very reasonable cost, where they won't gauge you on shipping costs is your one stop shop: )