Hairgrass Dwarf (Eleocharis acicularis) Mat (3.5"x5")
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Grasslike plant growing in rosettes. Rich green hairlike plants. Needs rich substrate. Needs plenty of light as well.
  • Common Name: Dwarf Hairgrass
  • Family Name: Cyperaceae
  • Native To: Worldwide
  • Lighting: Low-High
  • pH: 7
  • Growth Demands: Moderate
  • Growth Form: Spreading
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Foreground
  • Available As: Mat
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  • 2

    Posted by Joshua P on Apr 7th 2017

    Package arrived with some sort of worms in it. Have emailed the company and called but no response. Will update my review if able once something has developed.

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    very nice foreground plant

    Posted by Kimberly Hill on Jul 16th 2016

    I bought two of these. They were very well established, and healthy looking. The plants had great color. These are nice in the foreground, and easier than some other small plants. The substrate on which they are planted is actually quite thick, and I had some trouble getting them to look like they belonged in the substrate. Due to this, I will probably buy potted hairgrass next time, as I think they will also spread faster. These would be great if you bought enough to totally fill in a space, though, which I did not do. The tank is 75 gallons with four T8 bulbs that are 5000K and 6500K. I dose twice a week with Flourish and every other day with Excel. I have Eco complete substrate. The water is soft and acidic and the tank is kept at about 70 degrees. There is no CO2 system.

  • 5
    Nice Specimen

    Posted by Stacey on Jul 16th 2016

    Healthy thick mat of hairgrass. Very nice.

  • 5
    Very Nice Plants!!!

    Posted by Timothy Haut on Jul 16th 2016

    I got my 3 x 5 mat today and it had a very strong root system and the grass is bright green, 2 inches and full of seeds. I cut my mat into 15 pieces and put them in the foreground of my tank, they were a little messy but look great and the fish loved them straight away. The tank is 1.73 wpg w/o CO2 and I will let you know how they do and if I needed to make any adjustments. After 10 days the DHG is sprouting new roots and leaves that are taller than the original plant but it may take some time for complete coverage.

  • 3
    Hard to get off of the mat

    Posted by john newman on Dec 26th 2014

    had a hard time with the wire mesh and the rock wool. There was a lot of ripping and teaimg out of the rootd to get it loose. I should of got the potted or tissue cultured. I finally got them apart and planted. With 3 mats it was enough to do the front half of a 29gal with about 2in between clumps.

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    beautiful mat

    Posted by planted tank on Nov 1st 2013

    The mat arrived in very good condition and has new green growth since planting. It is gorgeous in front of a tree in my tank. I have order many plants in great condition from this site and never saw any snails or anything bad. I highly recommend them

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    Not too Hot

    Posted by Dimitri on Nov 18th 2012

    First off, let me say that I may have had a lot to do with the current results. That being said, the mat in which is grown is very thick. The instructions say you need a "rich substrate". It doesn't say "deep" or "fine". If you have traditional "pebble" gravel with vitamin tabs, you may experience the same problem as me, if planting a large piece. ...the roots won't grown down into the pebbles. Again, it could be my inexperience, but I've gotten better about plant care in a month. ...set up 3 more aquariums with various substrates and plants. Use a fine and DEEP substrate ( 2"+ ).

  • 4

    Posted by Jonathan Augustine on Jan 1st 2012

    Amazing quality but wasn't sure how to plant or what they are grown in. ended up making smaller portions and planting.