Holy Lace Rock assorted 15 lb bag

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Holy Lace Rock is similar to Japanese Ohko Dragon rock, but is much smother, polished and cleaner looking. Holy Lace Rock features many crevices and holes and exhibits colors mainly with light green, blues, yellow and browns with some even having tints of purple and orange. It is safe for shrimp and fish and is excellent for cichlid tanks.

  • Hand selected by our people
  • Sold in 10lb or 15lb sets
  • Quantities will vary but a 10lb set will typically include 6-10 rocks and a 15lb set will typically have 8-15 rocks

The pictured rocks are a general representation of the product. As it is a natural product, they will come in different shapes, sizes, colors and textures so the pieces that you will receive will be unique and one of a kind!

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