Hygrophila pinnatifida

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Hygrophila pinnatifida is from India. The leaves are very unique and fern like. Under intense lighting it will have a burgundy color underneath the leaf. It can be attached to wood and rock.

  • Common Name: Pinnatifida
  • Family: Acanthaceae
  • Origin: India
  • pH: 5.5-8
  • Light: Medium
  • Growth: Fast
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Demands: Low
  • Available: Bunch
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  • 5
    Plant Qualty

    Posted by CARL HAMILTON on Jun 26th 2020

    Six stems about 6in tall and very green. A week later under good lighting and CO2 and the leaves are starting to turn a reddish bronze color. I thing I am going to like this one. Thanks

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    Excellent quality

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 20th 2020

    Great quality emerged stems

  • 5
    2 Bunches contained a ton of plants!

    Posted by Robyn Lee on Nov 26th 2017

    My Hygrophila pinnatifida arrived in great condition, lush and green despite the fact that FedEx delivered to the wrong address at first so I didn't get it until 3 days after shipment instead of 2. I actually ended up with too many plants for my 5 gallon aquarium, 1 bunch would have been sufficient for my tank. The extra I gave to a friend who was happy to take them. It's only been a few days since I planted them but they appear to be growing great. I would recommend anchoring them to rock or wood though as that seemed to work better than just putting them in substrate directly to start.

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    Small portions an understatement.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26th 2013

    I recieved two stems with two tiny shoots at the top of each. One of the stems was almost completely rotten. Impossible to tell what this is going to look like if it even survives.

  • 5
    Be Patient

    Posted by Roger Cooper on Apr 22nd 2013

    I've seen this plant in some of the most beautiful aquariums in the world but when I got mine it was green,within a week it started changing into a beautiful plant. The leaves elongated and the tops turned dark green with a pretty brown color on the underside ... It grows steady and can be cultivated by side shoots that develop roots.Gorgeous plant a must have.