Ista Professional Co2 Refillable Supply Set 1 Liter

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About This Product


CO2 Aluminum Cylinder Supply Set / 1L - Professional


  • Istafs CO2 cylinders safety standards are approved by Technical Inspection Association (TUV).
  • Supporting base keeps CO2 cylinder in position avoiding any potential damage to the CO2 regulator.
  • Pressure reduced vertical type CO2 regulator assures constant and accurate CO2 dosing rate.
  • Unique top quality ceramic promises the most even and delicate CO2 diffusing effect.
  • Acrylic made 2 in 1 CO2 bubble counter provides clear CO2 bubble reading and to be acid and breakage endured.
  • Stainless spring design check valve assures most reliable function of stopping backflow. Fastening node assures no bursting out of air tube.
  • Seamless aluminum CO2 cylinder.
  • Stylish design brings additional elegancy to your aquarium set up.

Included in set:

  • 1 cylinder (1L) full weight pressurized CO2 liquid
  • 1 cylinder supporting base
  • 1 CO2 regulator
  • 1 CO2 bubble counter
  • 1 CO2 diffuser
  • 1 flexible tube

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    Great product but a replacement is needed

    Posted by jonathan cowles on Feb 13th 2017

    I bought this here 9 months or so ago and now my solenoid is going bad, so I contacted support and bang... We'll send you a new unit as you under the 1 yr warranty... Great company, thanks. Also as for not being standard refills, well that's wrong it's a standard fitting.

  • 4
    Tank is refillable

    Posted by Glenn Lehigh on Oct 29th 2013

    I got very upset reading the other review about not being able to refill the tank, so much I almost stopped buying from this site. I did refill the tank at a local paintball store for $3.00. The tank though only can be used for 5 years, which goes for any tank, due to safety regulations. So far no complaints on entire set up, about a year old.

  • 1
    $175 Disposable Kit

    Posted by HM on Apr 29th 2013

    It worked great for 2-3 weeks till it ran out. Unknown to me, the tank and regulator/solenoid connections are NOT USA spec, therefore it basically can't be filled again. (Do a google search and you'll find others with this problem.) After trying 2 LFS, 3 fire extinguisher places, 3 paintball places, and 3 welding/gas supply places I realized this kit a a $175 disposable kit. Aquariumplants wont accept a return, did not find a solution for me, and I have no way to use this thing. Disappointed with the product and VERY disappointed with Aquariumplants for not describing this upfront, not taking back a useless product, and not finding a viable solution.