Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Continuous-Duty Peristaltic Dosing Pump-New & Improved for 2020

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Kamoer FX-STP WiFi: New & Improved for 2020!

Ideal for Calcium Reactors, Kalk Reactors, Denitrators, & Auto Water Changes

Built specifically for aquarium applications, the Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Continuous-Duty Peristaltic Dosing Pump is designed for dosing up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has an adjustable flow rate so you can dose fluids (like liquid aquarium supplements) in doses as small as 1 mL per minute up to 120 mL per minute. What sets this pump apart from others is its ability to change the flow while running. The FX-STP WiFi is perfect for gradual, automatic water changes, sulfur denitrators, Kalkwasser reactors, and calcium reactors.

The original FX-STP took the aquarium industry by storm in 2018 and was heralded as the best continuous-duty peristaltic dosing pump on the market. The FX-STP WiFi is the second-generation of this popular dosing pump. Kamoer has kept everything hobbyists love�the quiet operation, compact size, and reliable performance�and added some intelligent new features to make a great product even better.

Our favorite upgrades from the previous generation include:

  • Wireless Control with Your Mobile Device
    The first generation of the FX-STP Doser was controlled by turning the adjustment knob on the front of the unit. While this easy onboard control remains, you�ll now have the ability to control and monitor your FX-STP WiFi remotely using the free Kamoer Remote app for Android and Apple (iOS). See how much you are dosing, adjust dosages, check how much fluid you have left, and more with Kamoer�s free cloud services. All you�ll need is a compatible mobile device and an Internet connection.
  • LCD Screen Now Includes a Screensaver
    The original FX-STP had a handy LCD screen to make calibration and adjustments a breeze. However, since the device is always on, screen life could diminish prematurely and leave users in the dark. Kamoer wisely added a screensaver to the FX-STP, WiFi, which dramatically increases the life expectancy of the screen. Coupled with the fact that most users will use the mobile app for status and fine-tuning, screen failure is now all but eliminated.
  • Same Compact Design�New All-Black Branding
    The FX-STP version 1 had a colorful Kamoer logo splashed across the front. The new WiFi model has a more subtle all-black variation of the company logo, which is more complementary to the industrial black and silver exterior of the doser. Kamoer also simplified the area around the adjustment knob. They traded �Min� and �Max� text for a cleaner �-� and �+� and swapped the directional arrow for a more universally recognized volume control symbol.

Here�s What Makes the FX-STP WiFi Doser So Special:

  • Suitable for all sorts of continuous dosing applications
  • Ideal for feeding calcium reactors, Kalk reactors, and bio-denitrators
  • The perfect pump for building an automatic water change system
  • Memory Backup�your settings will be saved and restored if/when power lost
  • An onboard LCD display shows current pump status including flow rate and WiFi connectivity
  • Near-silent operation
  • High-precision stepper motor driver
  • Adjustable flow rate setting of 1 to 120ml/min
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Easy to replace tubing
  • Small, compact, and built tough
  • There is a downloadable quick-start guide plus a pump tutorial built into the app

The #1 Feed Pump for Calcium Reactors: Highest Rated & Most Reliable!

If you find yourself constantly having to tune your calcium reactor, the FX-STP WiFi is for you! This pump is so unbelievably consistent that your alkalinity will barely move from test to test. Once it is dialed in, you�ll be impressed by how stable your alkalinity and other major water parameters become. Calcium reactors are supposed to make supplementing a reef aquarium easier, but many hobbyists fight their CaRx for years, trying to achieve a consistent effluent drip-rate. The FX-STP WiFi, on the other hand, makes calibration and fine-tuning a breeze. Other than occasionally replacing the tubing and recalibrating to maintain accurate dosing, this is a �set it and forget it� type of solution�which is why reef hobbyists around the globe love the FX-STP WiFi so much! It truly is the best method we know of to provide reliable and stable long-term effluent flow. The FX-STP WiFi allows aquarium keepers to overcome inconsistencies easily and set the reactor�s effluent with enough pressure and a predictable metered rate for unparalleled performance and rock-solid stability.

  • 1x Kamoer FX-STP WiFi Dosing Pump

    1x Power Supply

    2x Tubing Adapters (1/8" to 1/4")

    1 Meter 1/8" ID Tubing

    1 Meter 1/4" ID Tubing