Kessil A-Series Gooseneck

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About This Product


Kessil's A Series Gooseneck is a versatile mounting option that allows you to customize the positioning of your light. Designed to be used on most glass tanks, its 24 in. malleable but sturdy arm provides a strong, adaptable solution to install your Kessil aquarium light.


What's in the Box

  • Gooseneck Base (x1)

  • Plastic Screw (x2)

  • Plastic Stepper (x1)

  • Thumb Screw (x2)

  • Gooseneck (x1)

  • A3XX Bracket (x1)(A1XX Bracket included in the product) 

  • A500X Tuna Blue
  • A360X Tuna Blue
  • A360X Tuna Sun
  • A360X Refugium
  • A360WE/NE Tuna Blue
  • A360WE Tuna Sun
  • A160WE Tuna Blue
  • A160WE Tuna Sun
  • H160 Tuna Flora
  • H380