Kessil A360X Narrow Reflector (Compatible With A360X Tuna Blue A360X Tuna Sun)

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About This Product

  • Part Number: KSAOK03

  • Beam Angle: 55°

  • Coverage Area: up to 20" x 20"

  • Recommended Mounting Height: 8"-12" above water surface

  • Penetration: up to 5 feet into water (excludes mounting height)

Product Information


The A360 Narrow Reflector strengthens the light beam of the best-in-class A360for further penetration and contrast. With an easy to attach magnetic design, the reflector increases the center light intensity by up to 3x while adding a dynamic depth to your tank. This accessory is perfect for deep tanks or SPS corals with strict light requirements.


3X Center Light Intensity

Designed for SPS-dominated tanks and/or aquariums up to 5 feet deep, the Narrow Reflector focuses the light of the A360 to provide an abundance of light energy.


Strengthens Contrast, Depth, and Dynamics

Unlike a T5-only tank with flat lighting, Kessil fixtures specialize in dynamics in aquariums. This feature is most evident in the depth and contrast created by the Narrow Reflector. For users with multiple A360s, this accessory can differentiate one light from another, making aquariums dynamic and compelling.


Easy To Attach Style

Magnetic mounts allow the user to quickly and easily attach the Narrow Reflector to the A360— no tools or disassembling needed.