Littorella Uniflora (Shoreweed) sold 3 plants per order
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It grows wild on the lake shores of Europe, North America and South America. It tolerates low light but will stay much shorter under high light. 

Plant each rosette separately about an inch apart and they will send out runners forming a nice carpet.

Sold in groups of 3.

Height: 3 - 5+ cm

Lighting: Low to High

Position: Foreground

Difficulty: Easy

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  • 5
    An amazing plant to watch

    Posted by John Whittaker on May 30th 2015

    It comes as a little ball of dirt about the size of a marble with a couple of tiny leaves. The reddish leaves will grow, then one at a time a stalk will grow that takes one leaf at a time up to the surface. My aquarium is 31" deep and the stalk would take it from the bottom to the surface in 48 hours, then another leaf would grow. Really entertaining, amazing to watch, the leaf rises shaped aerodynamically to minimize drag. Try one, nourish, and prepare to be amazed.

  • 3
    It's ok.

    Posted by HP on Jan 16th 2015

    Received 2 large bulbs with some thing sticking out and not sure it's a leaf or roots system. Item product title easy misleading buyer if they are not aware getting a bulb instead thinking they are getting a plant in sale display product.

  • 4
    Okay I guess...

    Posted by Stacey on Aug 22nd 2014

    I received a large bulb with three tiny leaves. I REALLY can't wait for it to grow.

  • 5
    Amazing Plant

    Posted by Alex Anderson on May 30th 2014

    I received a bulb with one stem on it when I planted it just over 2 weeks ago. Now it has about 6 red leaves and really started to take off. Looking forward to see it grow to the surface and bloom a flower. My RCS also enjoy sitting on the new leaves :)

  • 5
    modest beginning

    Posted by David LeBlanc on Feb 17th 2014

    Started out as a bulb with a couple weak leaves. Shipping in the dead of winter probably didn't help. Thought it was DOA, planted it just to see. It is now the most gorgeous plant in either of our tanks! Huge, brilliant leaves.

  • 5
    huge great plant

    Posted by Erik Hoskinson on Feb 10th 2014

    My bulbs grew very fast, leaves are near 10 inches long and 5 inches wide, the runners are closing on to of 28 inch deep water. I've only had these bulbs 2 months.

  • 3
    we shall see

    Posted by Ryan Kroll on May 17th 2013

    Ive ordered one of these and it came as an unsprouted bulb, looked to be in good shape, we shall see in a few days/weeks.

  • 5

    Posted by Sara Bowen on Mar 22nd 2013

    I was sent a fully developed plant with huge, long stems and leaves. Totally gorgeous! I am so happy with this plant, I was expecting just a couple bulbs! Would definitely buy again if needed.

  • 5
    Tiger lotus

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 17th 2013

    The plant came as a bulb, and after a few weeks, right as I was about to give up and throw it out, it started putting out roots. Fast forward 6 weeks, and it is a dramatic beautiful plant. Be patient!