Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba' (Emersed form)

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About This Product

This plant has been grown emmersed (out of the water). It will look different than the submersed version in the picture. Give it a week or two in your tank and it will change in appearance.
Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba' (formerly Ludwigia sp. 'Cuba') is a beautiful, showy, large stem plant which grows both submersed and immersed in swamps on the Isle of Youth, a small island off the southwestern coast of Cuba. Although having ovate, green leaves typical of the Ludwigia genus when immersed, this stem plant develops long, narrow leaves marbled with red and orange highlights when submersed. Despite its unique appearance, it is but one of many geographical variations belonging to the species Ludwigia inclinata, all of which are united into one species due to the fact that they all bear the same large, yellow flower. Although still uncommon in the trade, it should become significantly more popular and common in the future.
  • Common Name: Ludwigia Cuba
  • Family Name: Onagraceae
  • Native To: South America
  • Lighting: Medium-High
  • pH: 5-7.5
  • Growth Demands: Medium
  • Growth Form: Stem
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Placement In Tank: Mid-Background
  • Available As: Bunch

Customer Reviews

  • 5
    worth buying just to see the transformation

    Posted by Martin Volk on Jul 29th 2016

    When transforming from emersed to immersed, it looks like this: Oh yeah, with CO2 and ferts, it grows about 6-8"/week. I have stems that are almost 1/2" thick. I may have to buy better tools to trim them. Awesome!!

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    Beautiful Quality Plants

    Posted by Gary on Aug 12th 2014

    July 8th, 2014: Big, beautiful quality bundles of cuttings. Some of the stalks were near pencil diameter with thick, beautiful leafs. So, I'll update the change to the submersed form in a couple of weeks. Update: August 11th, 2014. It has taken 4 weeks for the old, larger emerged leaves to drop off and I trimmed the remaining ones. The "Cuba" now is filling in nicely. Make sure to give each stalk some room and plenty of light. And trim the bottom of each stalk when planting to create an even height so all can receive required light for proper, healthy growth.

  • 5
    beautiful plant!

    Posted by Nathan Bardwell on May 17th 2012

    Don't be alarmed if you order this plant and it looks nothing like the picture. It first comes in with broad emersed type leaves. After a week or so it began developing leaves like those in the picture. My plants were in amazing condition and immediately took hold and began growing rapidly in my tank with no CO2. My plants now look just like the photo. I am very pleased!