Ludwigia Super Red (Ludwigia sp. Mini Super Red)

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About This Product

Ludwigia super red is an easy plant to keep that is great for the midground or background of the aquarium. It has small, round, pointed leaves that grow in opposite pairs along the whole length of the stem. It can thrive with only moderate lighting, but it has the potential for complete bright red coloration with high lighting and the proper supplementation. It is a "bunched plant" so it's trimmings can be replanted. It does not require co2 supplementation, but it can help it grow more robustly.

  • Ludwigia can be very fragile. Be sure to handle with care
  • Can grow 6" - 20" tall
  • Looks best in groupings of 12 or more stems
  • sold in 4-6 stems per bunch
  • growth rate - Fast