Mangrove - Red (Rhizophora Mangle) 12" + ( 3 per order)
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The Red Mangrove is a hardy true plant that adds a unique and attractive touch to aquariums and refugiums.

Red Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) is aqua cultured in a controlled environment allowing them to treat and quarantine it, reducing any risk of unwanted parasites or hitchhikers within the algae. Red Mangroves trees are a popular addition to refugiums as well as brackish and saltwater aquariums as an ornamental plant. A group of Red Mangroves, called a mangal, can create a beautiful, tropical appearance to the aquascape. Small fishes may also shelter amongst the roots of the mangroves. Red Mangroves are an extremely hardy and fairly undemanding species and will benefit the system as the roots develop, enriching the substrate and taking up nutrients.

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