Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flake Food 2.5 OZ

Ocean Nutrition
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Ocean Nutrition
Ocean Nutrition Spirulina

Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flake Food
Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Flake Food 2.5 OZ
Product Description:

Ocean Nutrition, the maker of the famous "Formula Flake Foods" has just added a very interesting product to this already extensive range, the Spirulina Flakes.


* Highly attractive staple food for all fish.
* High protein content and rich in vitamins.
* Contains natural color enhancers and stimulates the immune system.
* Highly digestible, contains fresh seafood and brine shrimp.
* Formulated and tested by aquaculture biologists. Does not cloud the water.
Plant meals, spirulina, fish solubles, whole sardine, salmon fillets, lecithin, krill, kelp, brewers yeast, salmon oil, mineral premix, vitamin premix, brine shrimp embryos, adult brine shrimp, carotenoid pigments and preservatives.
Guaranteed Analysis:
* Moisture (max.) 7%
* Protein (min.) 48%
* Lipid (min.) 9%
* Fiber (max.) 2.5%
* Ash (max.) 8%
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