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Mark thanks for your help in ordering my plants from you a couple of weeks ago. They arrived in good condition. Over the years I've dealt with and another company (based in Arizona). I'm sorry to say I bought plants from them because they were a little cheaper than yours but I could never get them on the phone (you on the other hand I can always get you on the phone 4 out of 5 times!!!) ( their answering machine always full), never with emails and screwed up one of my orders last month - got them a week late and when finally contacted me said "don't worry your tanks not going anywhere). That was the last straw, from now on I will be dealing with exclusively, the little extra cost is worth it - you have great customer service, very professional and knowledgeable and courteous. Thanks so much!!


 I've just received this awesome cabomba red, in perfect shape, same as the dwarf lily in a separated bag, together with others, shipped right in time, all looking well! you've got a loyal customer. Thought I would write and say thanks for the great order you sent me. I was surprised all the plants were in great shape. I will be ordering from you again. 

TKS Charlie

 I purchased a Complete Co2 system, and was having problems getting to stay regulated without every day having to adjust it over & over again. I called and these guys went out of their way to help me, telling me to try different setups. Still I had a problem, contacted then and they sent me an upgraded system and trusted a complete stranger to return the other system which I did promptly. Talk about fantastic customer service!!! I cannot thank you guys enough!!! The system is working great now & with the Black Diamond Substrate I purchased a while ago from you guys my plants are really taking off now!!! I give a FIVE STAR rating *****

Thank You

Ed M - Pennsylvania

 I would just like to thank Randy for the best customer service I have experienced in a very long time. My son ordered quite a few plants that UPS failed to deliver on time. Needless to say when we received them they were all dead. Randy went out of his way to replace all of them and more and ship them overnight for no extra charge. Thank you Randy for going above and beyond. I will always buy my plants from you and recommend you to everyone I know.

Two extremely satisfied customers,

Wendy P. and Mark P.

 Hello Aquarium Plants,

I can't say enough about my order when it arrived - not only are the individual plants super and exactly as quoted but they were even above and beyond my expectations. I was personally called by the staff to let me know they had run out of a few plants that I ordered and were eager enough to spend time with me explaining what they thought would be a great replacement for these - because of everyone's pleasantness I was eager to listen and had no doubts that they were being caring and concerned that I would not be disappointed. I took their advice and was more than happy with the results. Can't say enough about the staff or the quality of plants. Have found a sincere and honest business that I will continue to do business with.

John B - New York

 I've always been more than pleased with your products, I frequently combine orders with coworkers and have never been let down! Superb plant quality and selection.

Ryan G.

 Hey, just a short note to thank Randy and Mark. You guys are the best! I purchased the carbon doser complete kit, an adapter for paintball tanks, some test kits, and some fertilizer pellets. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Shipping was very fast. Let me tell you that this carbon doser kit is great, easy to setup and just set it and forget it. For those who want a very cool reliable system, look no further! Also I have had my CO2 system running for about 2 months and still have about 850lbs in my 24oz paintball tank. I figure to get about 6 months out of it before it needs a refill. Sports Authority gives you a free refill when you purchase the tank and a refill is $4. Anytime I had a question about my system Randy and Mark took the time to coach me. My carbon doser system has been fantastic, can?t say enough good things about these guys. If you decide to get this system they offer a harder black CO2 hose. My blue silicone flattened out so they are sending me the new hose at no charge. That is GREAT customer service! I have ordered plants before and they are now thriving. CO2 makes such a difference! I have to trim about 6? off each of my plants weekly.

Thanks guys.


 Dear, I received my order #52329 on Thursday, January 19, and I just needed to tell you that these are the best plants I have ever seen!!! Every single one of them had beautiful leaves and strong, developed roots like a tree! Not only are your plants top notch, but your pricing was so very reasonable. Even with shipping it was cheaper to buy from than it would have been to buy locally.

I would also like to thank Randy, who followed through with me and made sure my plants got to me as fast as possible, after a small computer glitch that originally caused a shipping delay. Randy was as concerned about getting my plants to me as I was. I'm disabled and do a lot of shopping online, and it's a roll of the dice sometimes, on what the vendor will be like and how good the actual product will be. I glad to say that shopping online at is a worry-less, cost efficient, way of knowing you will get the best in service and product!

Thank you all very much, and please feel free to add this to your testimonials page. (Since I wasn't a member of your web site when I placed my order, I couldn't review my plants online.)

 I wanted to give you feedback on my order. Everything I ordered was included in the package, plus a bunch of extras! All plants were healthy and in great shape upon arrival. Great customer service, excellent packaging for shipment and amazing plants. Thanks so much, I will be using your site for all my future orders. I have had bad experiences with several other online places; I am glad I found your site and wish I had found you sooner! Great work, thanks again.

Kevin Ayers

 Just wanted to thank Mark, Randy & staff for the super customer service provided to me thus far. All the plants I ordered from you are doing great; none had even a single snail slight mix-up with my CO2 reactor was rectified immediately with a replacement and a call tag. Repeated calls to you with technical support questions I had on the CO2 setup were always polite, courteous and professional. I see a few negative reviews on here for some things, and I must say-these people must be real NIT PICKERS, because from what I can see the people at bend over backwards to satisfy their customers. For those yet to be customers :Do not hesitate to order from them, if anything isn?t just quite right you can be sure they will work hard for your total satisfaction. Their carbon doser CO2 regulator is an ingenious invention-I will never go back to bubble counters again!

Ron Capone

 Hello,

I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for the exceptional products, customer service, and guidance when setting up my first CO2 system. Your plants are absolutely amazing and extremely beautiful. I refuse to purchase plants from my local fish store now that I have seen the quality of the plants from your store. I now only have plants from your store in both of my aquariums. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends and family. I have spent over $1,600 at your store in the past month and have not regretted a single purchase. Everything was delivered quickly, in appropriate packaging, and was exactly what I was hoping for.

Thanks again to everyone who helped facilitate my orders and to Mark for helping me pick out my first CO2 setup. I ended up buying another one the same day I installed the first one into my aquarium setup. I've also attached a couple pictures of my planted tanks. Feel free to use this email and the pictures on the testimonial page.


Meghan Antolik

 I just wanted to let you know, that my order arrived in great shape here in Omaha, NE! Thank you for the great service, I simply could not ask for more!!!!

Jerry Vencalek

 Thank you for making my first attempt at a planted aquarium so easy. Your website made setting up and planting my 135gl aquarium fun and easy. My plants arrived hardy and healthy, well packed and in excellent condition. The potted plants all have beautiful root systems and the bunched plants all have more in the bunch than I expected. The pricing was very competitive compared to the local pet stores and your phone staff was very polite and helpful when it came to questions about ordering and shipping. Hurry up with the aquaponics page that?s my next project. Thank You again

 Thank you very much for the great plants. I ordered your Anacharis, Anacharis Narrow Leaf and Sagittaria, Dwarf Subulata. Let me tell you, my comets love them. Yes, they are eating them up and I will need to order more plants, but that is fine...because now I know where to buy great plants. Again, thank you for taking care of my order. is now my go-to plant store!

J McNevin

 Aquarium plant folks.

The plants you sent us are fabulous. The quality and size are fantastic. The mother is huge and makes a great centerpiece for my 125 Gal tank. Since the shipping was the same if I added more plants, the rest of the order was just filler. Those filler plants are nicer and larger than what I have gotten at other places. Thanks!

Gary M. Tripp

 Hi guys.

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the quick replacement of my faulty CO2 regulator. I called and was transferred to Randy right away. After a brief conversation he said that he would send out a new regulator before he received the old one. I packed up the bad one and sent it out that day. 3 days later I got my new and much improved regulator. My tanks are looking good once again. Thanks guys for all your help. You always go above and beyond to make sure I am happy. Your pride in your work shines through

 Hi, would just like to thank Chad for picking out some very beautiful plants to send me in my order .They look great in my tank and growing fast. It?s been two weeks and lace plant has grown four new leaves all ready. They are all much bigger than I thought they would be and nicely packaged. Will be buying again and recommending to others. Thanks again Rich!!

 Dear Aquarium Plants.

Wanted to take a moment and compliment you on your extraordinary service and product. Randy was the one to help me out from beginning to end and did such a fantastic job. He was able to turn my longtime dream of building a healthy planted aquarium into a reality. Not only was the service excellent, but all of the plants I ordered arrived undamaged and vibrant. Thanks again to the folks at Aquarium Plants, and especially to Randy, for another great job.

Keeping it cool in Arizona,


 I received my plant order and everything arrived on time and in fantastic condition. I?m very impressed with the quality of all the plants and how well they were packaged. I?m the V.P. of the Regina Aquarium Society and we will do a group order again.


Greg Bote.

 Plants have arrived in VERY GOOD shape your plants are so much bigger than what I get @ Pet Shop. Makes the extra shipping cost worth it


Jim Newman - Bosworth Detailing, Inc.

 My name is Jay; I placed a Canadian order for plants two weeks ago. Just got my Package today. I must say; I am completely, 100% satisfied. The plants I was Sent We're in immaculate condition, and much bigger than I thought they would be and everything was packaged very well, as to not damage them. You guys went all out! Thank You and I?m definitely going to be ordering more, again and again.

Sincerely: Jay Northcott

 Finally got it all Planted, I forgot to turn down heater for an hour, they were left on for two, scorched some of the clover and hair grass, but not too bad. Thanks again for the help.

Tony Piasecki

 Thanks guys, plants arrived in great shape and right on schedule. Will be buying more stuff soon!

Glen Cunningham - Milton, Ontario, Canada.

 Received your plants today was pleased with them all thank you. Will show my friends at oceans and seas for whom I work part time and we may place an order for the store these plants were for my own tanks so I did not use the store name still I?m very impressed with all that u did and the quality of the plants thank u again

Thomas Pulliam

 I usually don't take the time to email a company about their products, but in this case I feel I must. The quality of the plants that I received from you was exceptional. These were by far the best quality plants I have ever gotten online. You exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to order at first because of the high shipping cost, but the quality of your plants is outstanding.

Kate Letts

 The plants arrived last week in great shape, the quality is really outstanding. I have attached a picture of my 75 gal tank I just setup.

Thanks again,

Jan Smit.

 I received my plants yesterday, and I?m so thrilled. The packaging, prompt delivery and robust health of the plants was just wonderful. Thank you for a great experience!

Jessica Leebelt

 Hi AquariumPlants.

I received my order today and everything came in fine. I would also like to thank Randy for making sure my order was taken care of. He phoned me because there was a question of UPS Next Day Saturday Delivery not making it to Hawaii in the specified time, instead of just sending it. My order was small, but he still took the time to ensure that both parties were aware of the situation. Excellent customer service is a rare commodity in this day and age. I will definitely shop here again and recommend you to other hobbyist.

Thank you,

Derrick (customer ID# 1515)

 Thanks Mark! I always appreciate your 5 star service. You will always be my first choice for products and referrals to.

Take care


 Dear APL:

I received my order for live plants and was very pleased with ordering from you. They arrived in good condition and your prices are great compared to local pet stores.


Jack Murphy, customer

 I received the order today. Nice! Really fast shipping! I really like the lace it is great, along with everything else. The plants were packaged well and everything was intact. The co2 regulator is a gem and looks to be assembled well. Thank you for the pleasant experience.



 I just received my order and I AM SO PLEASED WITH THE PLANTS.( Aponogeton Madagascariensis) It is the best looking plant in my tanks 75+10+2 gal I can?t tell you how much I appreciate the fast shipping. You even included a smaller plant for free.

Thanks Again

Ed Shott

 HI,

I just wanted to let you know that the plants arrived and look excellent. In particular, I have never seen a Madagascar lace plat as beautiful as the one included.



 Dear Mark,

This is the promised picture of my 70gal community tank. I've ordered some plants from you guys a little while ago and now, after nearly 2 month this is how it looks like, heavily planted, lush and green!

Thanks again,


 Hello,

I just wanted to ask two quick questions. But beforehand, I want to say that I was incredibly skeptical about overnight plant deliveries and the health of the plants upon arrival. I am extremely impressed! I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the plants looked and how well they were packaged. I will definitely be a repeat customer. I loved all the plants in the assortment as well. They are all very good choices and varied in appearance. I was beyond 100% satisfied!

 Randy,

just wanted to take a minute to let you know the plants arrived Saturday as promised, and all of them were way above my expectations....especially the broad leaf chain swords! I have never had any like them in my years of keeping planted tanks, and look forward to seeing how big they get. I was extremely impressed that you went above and beyond to get my order to me by Saturday. As a gesture of my appreciation, I will be sending you a check in the next few days to cover the extra cost of the express shipping. I realize that you made very little profit off my small order. Please accept it with my most sincere thanks. After all, people and businesses like yours are few and far between these days. Keep up the good work, and feel free to use any part of this email as a testimonial.


Ron Mills - Wetumpka, Alabama

 Hi,

I received my plant order very pleased with the selection and size of the plants. You guys are fantastic. Please send me the tracking info for my other order below.



 Hello,

Please feel free to use this on your testimonials page. I received my order a couple of days ago and was incredibly impressed with the packaging, size and health of the plants. The Hygrophila and Ritala bunches were so thick I had enough excess to set up a ten gallon tank. Thank you so much for the extra Anubias too, what a pleasant surprise that was!! Count me as a lifelong customer.

Chris from Florida

 Mark I am writing this to compliment the service, as I ordered a co2 manifold system and some java fern plants, The java fern were the largest I have ever seen and were in excellent condition. But the main I want to compliment you about was the sales associate at aquariumplants. He guided me thru every step of the co2 system, and I certainly recommend him if you want to go this route with your plants. Thanks again for you excellent service. Floyd Dillabough

 Mark Thanks for Shipping the JBJ Fermosa Lights...I was also satisfied with my Eco-Complete as well....Just wanted to let you know that I am Highly Satisfied with your company and will definitely do business with you fact if I need anything and have the need to order guys will always be my first choice for Aquarium Plants etc. Take care... and get ready for snow


 Hello:

I got my order on Saturday that you shipped on Friday. The mailman delivered it in the morning while I was out but luckily I have a nice mailman because he came back again in the afternoon when I was home. Again, I am impressed with the quality of plants that you sent me. They are beautiful. The aponogetens ulvaccus are gorgeous! They are huge! I put the largest one in one of my tall aquariums. The best quality plants I have ever gotten online. You exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to order at first because of the high shipping cost, but the quality of your plants is outstanding.

Kate Letts

 The plants arrived last week in great shape, the quality is really outstanding. I have attached a picture of my 75 gal tank I just setup.

Thanks again,

Jan Smit.

 I received my plants yesterday, and I?m so thrilled. The packaging, prompt delivery and robust health of the plants was just wonderful. Thank you for a great experience!

Jessica Leebelt


 THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE SHIPMENT WHICH I RECIEVED TODAY! I was very surprised and happy with all the extra plants you sent me. Way above and beyond your "free" offer. The sword plant is very beautiful, thank you for including it. I prepared the plants and planted them this afternoon and they are already pearling so looks like they made it through the trip just fine! Should I need more plants in the future you will have more business from me. When my tank matures a little I will be more than happy to send you digital images.

Thanks again

Stacy Real

 Mark, I just wanted to let you know that I was a little worried about the plants getting here on a Saturday when I realized they were coming through USPS (my post office is horrible about delivering packages to me as I live a ways off the road and in the country), but I just happen to be checking to see if the mail had run at the same time I saw the mail person heading my way and I was able to get the plants back to the house without incident. When I opened the box my first thought was "Outstanding packaging". Everything was neat and in place. The plants had not been jumbled around in shipping and were not just thrown into a bag. They were each individually placed side by side in the shipping bag and carefully wrapped. I only pruned 3 broken leaves/stems from all the plants that I got! When I started taking the plants out of the bag I was extremely impressed at the quality of the plants, the sizes, and how many extras you had included! They truly looked as if they had just been pulled from an aquarium. As I placed them into my aquarium the plants started pearling. Also, the bunch plants were not just a bunch of broken stems or cuttings, which I have received from other retailers in the past and had to "nurse" them back to health. These plants were all in terrific condition and looked great. I have everything just spaced out in the aquarium right now letting them get accustomed to my lighting and CO2 and will be "scaping" them in the next couple days. I will definitely send you a picture once I'm done and will definitely order again! You have great plants and gave excellent attention to making sure your customers get top quality, extras, and their money's worth x3! Customer for life! Thank you so much!!!

Tracy Bennett

 Wow Mark, that?s all I can say, is Wow... Unbelievable...plants were awesome.....Wow!

Thanks, Peter

 Mark, it?s been around two weeks or so since I received my plants. Most are doing extremely well and others, mostly the fluffy ones, have become quick food for my Rosy Barbs. All in all, at least 75% have survived the Rosy's and are beginning to look real healthy. I have a good variety and my tank looks ten times better today than it did a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Michelle

 Mark Just wanted to let you know that I am quite happy with my recent purchase of plants. I ordered the 24 plants for $30. I received my order about two weeks ago, got my carbon dioxide hooked up about a week later and now the plants are growing like crazy. I am very impressed.

Thank you, Michael Clayton

 We have been happy with our recent purchase from and have enjoyed watching our plants grow. We have a 72 gallon freshwater aquarium that houses a variety of fish. We average about 12-14 hours of light per day for the plants. Some of our plants however have a black hair-like growth on them. Can you advise us to what this may be and on how to treat it? Also, any recommendations on a good plant care book? We would appreciate any help you could provide.

Thank you, Ilene & Tracy Beer

 Great Plants I just wanted to let you guys know the assortment of plants is, in a word-FANTASTIC! I am very pleased with all the different varieties. I don't know how you can sell them for so little. Even with the lousy lighting I have, they seem to be doing all right. Keep up the great work.

Thank you. Keith

 Dear Mark A few weeks ago I purchased your "grow your own plants" buds at PETCO and I must say that I have grown some of the greenest, healthiest and most beautiful plants I have ever owned! Thank you for making available such a wonderful product. I hope to acquire more buds soon. I am a web developer by trade and I am working on a site for somebody who will be selling aquatic supplies. Do you guys have some type of affiliate program I can turn him on to? If so please let me know. Thanks again!!! Joey Aguilera "Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try" - Homer Simpson

 Hi Mark, Thanks for your fast reply. Yesterday I did plant the bulbs with the sprouts up. I was very surprised when I looked at them this morning. They grew about 1/2" overnight. I have a 70 gal plexi tank, fresh water. I'll call your number. So far I love the plants. A far cry better then plastic plants and tons cheaper than buying grown plants. I bought them from PetCo here in Saugus CA 91350. I'll tell you, they had a rack of about 20 of them; they sold out within a week!!! I think these plants will be a big seller everywhere.

Thanks Mark Dave Booth

 Dear Mark, Usually when you have a bad product or a complaint, that is usually the time when you hear from everybody and their brother......Well, I must tell you. I bought your package of bulbs last Monday, the 1st of October. By the second day we had three bulbs blooming. By the end of the week, all seven had produced. Today is the 13th of October and all seven are thriving. Also the first two are now bigger that the original plastic sword plant that we had in there. They are truly amazing. When I first bought them at PETCO, the manager said she really knew nothing of the product and if we were successful with them to let her know... so feel free to use my resounding applause and my endorsement. For once I have gotten a product with honest advertising and it is truly a breath of fresh air. My aquarium is beautiful, and for the last ten years we never had used real plants only plastic because we heard that live plants were a pain in the -. Thank you again. I am also in business for myself and integrity is very important to me, obviously it is to you also.

Sincerely, Georgia Ann Miller

 Dear Mark, I bought a bunch of A. ulvaceous (rhizomes?) from you about 4 months ago. Not only did 95% of them take root, most them flowered and now I have tiny plants at the bottom of the aquarium from these seedlings! The best bunch of aquatic plants I got from anywhere! Deep up the good-work! Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Regards, Saroj Mathupala Michigan

Saroj P. Mathupala, Ph.D Assistant Professor Department of Neurological Surgery and Karmanos Cancer Institute Wayne State University School of Medicine Detroit, Michigan

 From Karl Buder Mark: Thanks for your message and I am happy to advise you that the plants in my first shipment are doing very well and have been a wonderful addition to my tanks. Excellent quality! I look forward to the next shipment!

Regards Karl

 Mark: I was somewhat disappointed the day I opened the package. I thought I made another bad internet purchase. Boy was I wrong. More than half of them are already 8 or so inches tall. They are all doing very well. What a surprise they were.

Thanks Shawn

 Dear Mark, A few months ago I bought a pack of your bulbs at a local PETCO (on City Line Ave in Philadelphia, PA). I was amazed at how vigorously they grew, and quickly realized that I had found the perfect way to obtain top quality plants at a fraction of the usual price. I returned to the store, bought all of the remaining bulb packs on the shelf, and asked the salesperson to please order some more. I was told that they would soon be in stock, but over the past few months I've returned to this same PETCO several times and have never seen your bulbs on the shelf. I even went to another PETCO (on Lancaster Ave in Philadelphia) and they didn't have them either. As far as I can tell, these bulbs always sell out within a week of their arrival, yet for some reason PETCO is not restocking them. You've got a great product that would be much in demand if it were only available. Since I can't seem to find them at PETCO, I have placed an order for 60 of these bulbs on your website. I hope to see them in my local PETCO again soon, but if they don't show up I will continue to order them directly from you.

Sincerely, Eric

 Dear Mark Thank you for your help. I'm so glad to take the plants again. They are very good condition. I'm going to take good care of them. In a few weeks later I will some news about the condition of them. I hope that your business goes well. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Chae from South Korea

 The plants arrived right on time on Saturday while the tanks were open and they are Beautiful!

Thanks so much and know that we will certainly be purchasing from you in future.


John and Andrea Caesar

 Dear,

Simply put, your plants exceeded my greatest expectations 100 times over. I had read some less than favorable posts on the internet regarding your company, but when I pulled those plants out of the box today, my jaw dropped. The klenier bar sword is one of the most glorious plants I have ever seen, and I almost wish I hadn't ordered the mother sword "rose" so that I would have more room for it. The plant you added for free has quickly become my favorite plant of all, and you have definitely made a loyal customer out of me. To anyone who is re-thinking ordering from your company because of those naysayers, I say to hell with them and do it. You won't in a million years be disappointed.


Ricky Chawla

 Thank you so much for my aquarium plants. The Anubias you sent to me were all of good health and size. Also, most of them were even flowering. I also want to thank you for your great service, fast delivery, and of course, the extra plants. I now know where I'm going to order plants from in the future, and you have another loyal customer.