pH Probe: (replacement for Milwaukee SMS122)(MC122)(3 meter cord)

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pH Probe: (replacement for SMS122)(MC122)(extra long 3 meter cord)

Replacement probe for Milwaukee SMS122 and MC122 pH monitor/controller.

DOUBLE JUNCTION pH ELECTODE with 3 meter cable and gel filled electrolyte solution.

The question most asked about the Milwaukee SMS122 pH/co2 controller: What is the life expectancy of the "replaceable probe?"
Answer straight from the folks at the factory:

Ph probes are a consumable item just like a light bulb. Over a period of time the electrolyte solution becomes so low that a proper read can not be done. The average life is 18 months so, at this point I would guess that you probably have a dead probe.
You can check the strength of your probe by putting the probe in Windex with Ammonia and the display should go to 10.0 or higher. If your unit can not go to this point then you need to replace the probe and get new calibration solution.
You should calibrate your unit about every 2 to 4 weeks. Calibration solution is not expensive and it assures accuracy.
Best regards
Milwaukee Instruments Tech Department