Polyurethane tubing: CO2 Resistant Tubing (8' length)

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About This Product

CarbonDoser® CO2 Tubing:

  •  8” length:
  • Polyurethane tubing: CO2 Resistant Tubing (8 foot length x 1/4” OD (outside diameter) perfect fit for all CO2 accessories.
    (This is NOT hard/rigid plastic "RO" style tubing)
  • It has a consistent Durometer reading of 95A: Which is proven perfect for John Guest “push-in” style fitting as well as the CarbonDoser® Checkvalve (below)

What is Durometer?  Durometer or Shore Durometer is a standardized way to measure the hardness of materials like rubber (elastomers) and plastics. 

Clear tubing VS colored tubing:  We recommend that you resist the urge to use pretty colored tubing…  If the checkvalve ever fails, you will have NO way to see the water or staining in the tubing.

FACT:  Silicone tubing is NOT CO2 resistant !

Shown with exclusive: CarbonDoser® Precision CheckValve sold separately.